Equipping and releasing leaders for Kingdom growth on college campuses.



Morrison Heights College Ministry exists to make disciples of Jesus among college students.

To this end, we have created a residency program to develop young men and women as leaders in the church and to release them to engage areas of campuses that are underserved by the church. Residents make a one or two-year commitment to leading and serving within the college ministry while being coached by church leaders and pursuing a seminary education.

But maybe you're wondering... why?
Here's what animates us: seeing college students become followers of Jesus, own their faith, disciple others, and then take the Gospel to the corners of the earth.

Additionally, we have a burden for college campuses that are largely unengaged by local churches or on-campus ministries. Jackson alone is home to five residential college campuses that enroll over 30,000 students.

Thirty thousand college students — all of whom will give their lives to something.

We want to ensure that "something" is Jesus.
The reality is, in Jackson, the students who are easy to reach have probably already been reached. We can account for approximately 2,000 students out of nearly 30,000 students who have been reached by either a local church or a campus ministry. That leaves 28,000 students who are spiritually distant from God and his church.

As the church, we believe the solution to this urgent need is gospel presence and proclamation through missional families. We need leaders who are willing to go into the hard places on college campuses and bring the spiritually distant near to God.
With this in mind, the Morrison Heights College Ministry Residency exists to accomplish two purposes:
• To develop future leaders for a lifetime of service in the kingdom of God.
• To release leaders in a missional effort to engage spiritually distant portions of campuses in the Jackson metro.

We ask that you prayerfully consider investing in this kingdom effort and partnering with us to reach the campus and the nations.




Hey guys! 
I am from Ackerman, MS. I graduated from Mississippi College in May 2022. I have a love for recreation sports, such as football, baseball, and disc golf, and enjoy quality time with friends and family. 

Before I met Christ, I lived a life where everything was about me. I idolized sports and friends, thinking that earthly gifts from God would bring me true joy. But one day I came to realize that the only thing that would satisfy me was a relationship with Jesus Christ. In response, I surrendered my life to him to know him and make his name known. My life now is dedicated to this very thing: living for Christ and proclaiming his name to everyone I encounter.

At Morrison Heights, I was introduced to a church that was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I was taken out of my comfort zone, challenged to go share the gospel with the unreached, and was invited to spend quality time with God each day. The fruit of my time at Morrison Heights has been many gospel conversations and opportunities for discipleship, and on a personal level, the thrill of spending each day striving for His glory. 

In this transition of my life, I believe the Lord has called me to engage unreached college students in the Jackson area with full focus and devotion. My calling is to be obedient to make disciples who then make disciples and follow wherever the Lord sends to further His kingdom.

My prayer is that the unreached population in the Jackson area will be impacted by the gospel, and that the college students in the area will find a local church that will equip them to live life on mission. It is my prayer that through the Residency the Lord would continually push me out of my comfort zone and lovingly challenge me to live on mission and follow in radical obedience for the rest of my life.


Hello you guys!

I am from Raymond, MS and I graduated from Mississippi College in May 2022. I love traveling and learning about different cultures, playing/watching sports, and while I am not a fan of cooking, I love to snack!!

Before I met Christ, I was selfish and unaware in how I viewed and treated people; my insecurities and prideful desires drove my every decision. But when I realized that Christ, the Son of God, humbled Himself to save even the worst of sinners because He loved them, everything changed. I knew that I no longer had to work to earn anyone’s love or affirmation. I finally saw the importance of sacrificially loving people–even ones I have yet to meet. 

My time in the MoHeights College Ministry has been life changing to say the least. It is here that I found the value of a family of believers who know they are loved by God and because of that, they want to love others. Being here has grown my heart for the authority of God’s Word–what a gift it is. God has also been working on my heart for the nations and my desire to see everyone bow in worship before the King of kings.

I believe that the Lord is leading me to go to the lost on the college campuses in the Jackson area with the gospel. God is a missional God who has commanded us to seek the lost and proclaim his excellency. I want to be obedient and invite others to rejoice in the death-to-life transformation that God alone brings.

My prayer is that God would be known and glorified by every tribe, tongue, nation, and people on earth. It is only because of God first loving us, that we have life. The people need someone to come and tell them about this indescribably good God that created, loves, chose, came, died, rose, and is reigning now and forever, all for them. That they may be His. 


Hey guys! 
My name is Daniel Youngblood, and I’m from Meadville, MS. I graduated from Mississippi College in May of 2022. I love writing music and poetry, the mountains, cooking food, and talking about the Chronicles of Narnia or anything else by C.S. Lewis.

Before I met Jesus I was pridefully seeking control of my own life and anxious about my insufficiency to do so. Then, when I was 13, I realized that he wanted a relationship with me, calling me to surrender control and trust his plan. Now I live a joyful, love-filled life in godly community pursuing God’s will for my life.

At Morrison Heights, I was brought into a community that was committed to the mission of God. I was discipled and taught how to read God’s word and apply it to my life. I was given opportunities to grow and lead, and I was expected to be on mission with my church.

I believe the Lord has called me to lead the charge to engage college campuses in Jackson and proclaim the gospel where it is not currently being proclaimed. To do this, I will encourage and challenge our students who do know the Lord to join me in living on mission right here in Jackson!

My prayer is that one day soon, all of the college campuses of Jackson will be full of passionate believers in Christ who are committed to proclaiming the gospel on their own campus. I pray that these campuses will all become missionary sending hubs from which the church can send out leaders all over the world to proclaim the gospel.


I am from Madison, MS. I graduated from Mississippi College in May of 2021. I love to travel, hike, eno with friends, do photography, and eat international food!

Before I met Jesus I was full of pride and selfishness. Then I learned that Jesus loves me and that he desires for me to live in relationship with him. Now I no longer strive to live for myself but for Him who died and gave himself for me.

At Morrison Heights, I was first discipled and taught how to leverage my life for the Great Commission. The church was integral in sending me overseas as a summer missionary, which developed my deep affinity for unreached peoples and international church planting. 

I believe the Lord has called me to lead in disciple-making on Jackson State University's campus and mobilize students to leverage their lives for the mission of God through the 1:Eleven Project (our summer missions effort). 

My prayer is that God would use myself and this ministry to develop future church planters, church leaders, ministers, and marketplace missionaries for the sake of God's name being worshiped among all peoples!


Hey guys! 
I am from Houston, MS. I graduated from Mississippi College in May of 2021.

At Morrison Heights’ college ministry, I was discipled and taught how to live my life on mission for the Lord. Many people poured into me, and the Lord provided opportunities for me to pour into others. The Lord has allowed and used me to disciple girls our college ministry, share the gospel through our community groups, and see people fully surrender their lives to Him.

As a resident, I will be bringing the gospel to students on the college campuses in our community and mobilizing our students to go to places where the gospel is needed most. I am thankful to be a part of a ministry that is passionate about sharing the gospel and glorifying the Lord. 

My prayer is that the Lord would continue to use Morrison Heights College Ministry to make His name known among the campuses of the Jackson metro and by extension, the nations. My prayer is also that during this time, I will be dependent, loving, faithful, and worshipful in everything I do. I invite you to join me in prayer and this ministry!




In the summer of 2020, as I prepared to transition into life after college, the multitude of different paths that my life ‘could’ take seemed overwhelming and led to a great deal of worry, overthinking, and general confusion. 

Despite the uncertainty, there was one immovable conviction that guided me through this season of big decisions: because my time on earth is “a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes”, I urgently desired to honor the Lord with my limited time, energy, and resources. I longed to leverage my life for something that counted with eternity in view. 

By the grace of God, the Morrison Heights College Residency gifted me the opportunity to walk in obedience to this conviction and gave me the platform to make a Kingdom impact among college students and the peoples of the Jackson area. 

My specific part in this effort to make a Kingdom impact was to focus on the engagement, development, and mobilization of freshmen students. 

One key moment stands out to me: a winter mission trip to the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. I led a team of thirty students to spend a week in the city. The team experienced unity in a new and fresh way that was centrally founded upon gospel confidence and the need to meet brokenness within the city with the reconciliation found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. God used a mere eight days to re-order the lives and priorities of thirty students toward radical, missional living. As I was tasked with the organization and leadership over a short-term mission trip, this life-changing experience opened my eyes to the value of biblical shepherding.
Through my investment as a resident, we saw an increase in freshmen engagement from a handful to thirty-one freshmen involved in intensive discipleship (Huddle) and more than fifty freshmen engaged in missional communities. These freshmen are now sophomores who plan to disciple others this coming semester.
My time in the Morrison Heights College Residency equipped me with both education and skills, in addition to blessing me with valuable mentorship. The experience helped provide critical clarity in my call to vocational ministry, and showed me the true heartbeat of a gospel minister. I can confidently say that my time in the Morrison Heights College Residency led to spiritual and emotional growth unmatched by any other period of my life. God has used this year, his Church, and this program to bolster my faith in a profound way, give me my footing in gospel ministry, and most importantly, bring college students to discover the “surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”  

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” — Luke 10:2 (ESV)

I pray that God would continue to raise up more laborers and MHCM Residents for the glory of his name!


We exist to proclaim the greatness of God through Jesus Christ as the eternal hope of all peoples.
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