Counseling For Our Church And The Community

Every one of us experiences various struggles throughout our lives. Sometimes, we deal with them very well. At other times, those struggles overwhelm us and we must reach for a helping hand. Whatever your struggle – marriage, parenting, sexual sin, addiction, emotional problems such as depression or anger – we want to help. Grace Biblical Counseling provides trained counselors who will come alongside you to encourage you and help you find the answers to your struggles in God’s Word.

There is hope and there are answers. Problems don’t disappear instantly, but God has given us all we need. When we submit to His instructions and cling to His promises, circumstances can and do change.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 601-925-6429 or email


All our counselors are pastors and laypersons who have completed a rigorous training program for biblical counseling. All sessions are kept in strictest confidence by our counselors except in cases where there is a biblical requirement to involve others, i.e. criminal activity. Our counselors will always treat you with caring and respect, encouraging you toward behavior that is pleasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Honesty — It is impossible for our counselors to help you if you are not honest with them.

Time — You will be asked to complete some homework assignments that are essential. You must also exercise patience as we work through the issues and answers with you.

Required Forms (Complete and submit forms by email prior to visit)


Parental_Consent (Required if Counselee is under the age of 18)





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