Missions Guest House

Follow our progress as we construct a place of rest and temporary housing for missionaries and church planters while visiting stateside.

03/04/22 UPDATE:
This week the second floor framing and sheathing were finished and wrapped. As of Friday, the rafters were going up.



1. The Missions Committee recommends Morrison Heights contracts with BW Builders to construct a Missions Guest House at 325 Mr. Salus Road at a cost not to exceed $485,000.

2. The Missions Committee recommends funding for this project will be by means of the Missions House Designated Fund with the remainder drawn from the Designated Building Fund.


The Missions Guest House would utilize 3,556 sq.ft. of heating and cooling space within the house and apartment located above the garage. The floor plans that are provided show the first floor (1,407 sq.ft.) would be constructed with master bedroom, large living area, and access to front and back porch areas suitable for a couple with or without a child. The upstairs (1,407 sq.ft.) would provide three bedrooms, two full baths, and larger common area suitable for a small kitchenette, dining, and family room areas. This space would provide ample room for a family with multiple children while creating a family room area for relaxing and dining.

The garage apartment (742 sq.ft.) would provide space for a single, couple, or couple with infant complete with a full kitchen, family room, and full bath with access to a laundry room located in the garage area.

An outdoor common area including the back porch, patio area, and fire pit would create an opportunity for community and fellowship for the families living at the Guest House. This house situated on the edge of over 30 acres of timber will provide a quiet, relaxing place of respite for church planters and missionaries who serve as partners of Morrison Heights.



The proposed location for the Missions Guest House is 325 Mt. Salus Road.

The location is the lot is designated (9) in the following image:


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