Life Groups

Need Help Choosing A Class?

Meet us at the Welcome Center in our main building (walk in any of our doors from the marked Guest Parking area, and you ‘ll find the Welcome Desk from there), and someone can direct you to an appropriate class.


Tom Purnell Life Group                     Senior Adult – Married             C202
Led by Tom Purnell

Glen Holmes Life Group                    Senior Adult                                C212
Led by Glen Holmes


Whitfield Life Group                          Thirties – Coed                            C201
Led by Shea Whitfield

Reagan Life Group                              Fifties & Sixties – Married         C202
Led by Jerry & Harriet Reagan

Andrews Life Group                           Thirties – Married                       C203
Led by Clint & Emily Andrews

Dent Life Group                                  Young Adult – Single                 C204
Led by Terry & Nancy Dent

Sanders/Parke/Cole Life Group     Young Adult – Married               C209
Led by Steven Sanders, Mary Ann Parke, Suzanne Cole

Singles Life Group                             Thirties – Single                            C210
Led by Craig & Sheri Baker

Rowan Life Group                              Median Adult – Married              C211
Led by Tim Rowan

Jaret Holmes Life Group                  Thirties – Married                         C212
Led by Jaret Holmes

Saint Sing Life Group                        Fifties & Sixties – Married           C213
Led by Bill & Wanda Saint Sing

Mascagni Life Group                         Young Adult                                Student Building Loft
Led by Randy & Vickie Mascagni

SUNDAY – 10:30AM

Dorothy Orr Life Group                     Senior Adult                                 C100
Led by Dorothy Orr

Ferguson Life Group                           Senior Adult – Widows              C105
Led by Kennon & Barbie Ferguson

Fonce McFadden Life Group            Senior Adult – Married/Widows  C107
Led by Fonce McFadden

Kent Mummert Life Group               Senior Adult                                C201
Led by Kent Mummert

David Durham Life Group                Senior Adult                                C203
Led by David Durham

Adult Special Needs Life Group     Median Adult – Special Needs    C204
Led by Pam Thomason

Ron Purvis Life Group                       Fifties & Sixties                            C206
Led by Ron Purvis

Mary Sanders Life Group                 Fifties & Sixties – Women          C207
Led by Mary Sanders

Gaylon Joullian Life Group              Fifties & Sixties – Married          C211
Led by Gaylon Joullian

Gafford/Terry Life Group                  Senior Adult – Married               C212
Led by Larry Gafford & Alan Terry

Gill/Schoggen Life Group                Fifties & Sixties – Married          C213
Led by Richard Gill, David Schoggen

Jones/Ash Life Group                       Thirties                                           Student Assembly
Led by Bill & Donna Jones, Tommy & Bennette Ash

Bill Harris Life Group                        Median Adult                               Student Building Loft
Led by Bill Harris

Norton/Murphy/Williams Life Group       Fifties & Sixties                Student Building Room 200
Led by Clay Norton, John Murphy, Wicki Williams

Paul McCoy Life Group                    Senior Adult                                 Zoom
Led by Paul McCoy

Reva Daniel Life Group                   Senior Adult                                  Zoom
Led by Reva Daniel


Jones/Ainsworth Life Group          Senior Adult                                 Student Assembly
Led by Jo Jones, Ruth Ainsworth


Wednesday Night Men’s Life Group     Median Adult – Married Men          C110
Led by Tim Peabody