Episode 17: Wonderfully Woodward

Seeking the Lord’s face in good times is easy, but we must remember that even in the midst of difficulties, we must continue to seek after Him. Isaac Woodward shares encouraging words from Psalm 27 and some parting words as he and his family prepare to move back to New Orleans.

Episode 16: Positively Preschool

Finding ways to get through challenging times can be discouraging. Melissa Frasier, our Preschool Director, shares an encouraging word on how to view our wilderness times, and how to reassure our preschoolers that they are loved and going to be okay.

Episode 15: Gunn’s Governmental Guidance

While the coronavirus may have many of us finding ourselves with less to do, there are many, including our healthcare workers and government officials who are staying busy helping to protect numerous people. Speaker of the MS House of Representatives, Philip Gunn shares with us today an update from the frontlines.

Episode 14: Encountering Everyday Encouragement

A sense of community is important and can help us all feel connected. Today, Clay Mansell, owner of The Clinton Courier, shares with us how his family is doing and some of what’s going on in the life of our Clinton Community.

Episode 13: Dispersed Discipleship

When life is moving along normally, we know the daily in’s and out’s. What happens though when there is suddenly no play book? Drew Dabbs shares how our college students are caring for one another from a distance, and encourages us with a reminder that God makes no mistakes, and His purposes and glory will be fulfilled even during a pandemic lockdown.

Episode 12: Super Sensational Seniors

Sometimes life changes on us when we least expect it. Mallory Burnside, a Clinton High School Senior, shares with us today why God might use those unexpected changes to show us what we really value.

Episode 11: Connecting, Clinging, Caring

While we may not able to go, we are still able to do. Today, Tim Rowan shares an update from our Missions Ministry and encourages us that during this difficult and questionable time, we should strive to hold fast to our God.

Episode 10: Greg’s Greetings

While the coronavirus may have changed our lives and schedules for the moment, it’s important to remember that there is still much good being done within our church and community, and that by God’s grace we are all doing well. Let’s not forget, as Dr. Greg reminds us today, that He is our comfort and joy even among our difficulties.

Episode 09: Parke’s Ponderings

In every season, God can use our situation to not only grow us but to give us hope. Dr. Ivan Parke shares with us today about his recent trip to Israel, and how even in difficult situations, God is never surprised.

Episode 08: College Conquering COVID

Our college students may be gone, but they are not out! Lockdown isn’t keeping our college students from discipling, encouraging, and leading! Kalaishi Johnson, College Ministry Assistant, shares how the college ministry is staying active, and they we have nothing to fear in this time of uncertainty.

Episode 07: Seniors Serving Selflessly

Tough times can bring out the best in people, and that is certainly the case with our senior adults! Dr. Charles Scrivener gives us an update on how they are doing, what they are doing, and how a good attitude just makes everything better.

Episode 06: Going, Growing, Gone

We all enjoy hearing good news! Even though our church family may be apart, good things are still happening! Student Minister Chris Cunningham shares an update from our youth and encourages us that it really is okay to slow down.

Episode 05: Monday Musings

We’re back for another week because we understand that in the midst of confusing times, it can be difficult not knowing how others are doing and what’s going on. So join us for another edition as Dr. Greg and Michael Cole share what life has been like for them and the church and just why worship is so important during a quarantine.

Episode 04: Health, Hazards, and Hand Washing

If you have questions and would like answers about the coronavirus then this is the podcast for you! Join Tim Peabody and Dr. Justin Qualls as they discuss what’s happening with the virus and how to protect yourself.

Episode 03: Paige’s Practically Perfect Pointers

Difficult times can create a great deal of anxiety and fear for children. Paige Atkinson, Director of Elementary Ministry at Morrison Heights, shares some ways to help your children cope and keep them entertained all at the same time.

Episode 02: Serving Souls

Looking for ways you can serve the community, family and friends during the COVID-19 crises? Hosts Tim Peabody and Scott Fortenberry invite you to join us for updates and encouragement in today’s Morrison Heights Family Connect podcast.

Episode 01: Coping & Caring

Feeling the need to stay connected with your church family during COVID-19? Hosts Tim Peabody and Dr. Greg Belser invite you to join us for updates and encouragement in our first Morrison Heights Family Connect video podcast.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody, Host

Dr. Greg Belser, Episode 01, 10, 15, 17

Scott Fortenberry, Episode 02

Paige Atkinson, Episode 03

Dr. Justin Qualls, Episode 04

Michael Cole, Episode 05

Chris Cunningham, Episode 06

Dr. Charles Scrivener, Episode 07

Kalaishi Johnson, Episode 08

Tim Rowan, Episode 11

Mallory Burnside, Episode 12

Drew Dabbs, Episode 13

Clay Mansell, Episode 14

Philip Gunn, Episode 15

Melissa Frasier, Episode 16

Isaac Woodward, Episode 17

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