Episode 01: Coping and Caring

Feeling the need to stay connected with your church family during COVID-19? Hosts Tim Peabody and Dr. Greg Belser invite you to join us for updates and encouragement in our first Morrison Heights Family Connect video podcast.


Guest Spot Highlights | Dr. Greg Belser

  • How was preaching alone on Sunday? “It was weird until it wasn’t.”
  • Shutdown until at least the end of March. Hoping fluidity of the situation works for us instead of against us.
  • Family and grandkids are doing well staying close to home and watching the news.

Community Story

  • Our very own Lenow family got creative with their “Stay Healthy! Need Help?” notes around their neighborhood.
  • Dr. Greg: “Find creative ways to be salt and light. We don’t all need to do the same thing, but we all need to get out of ourselves and find ways to serve those around us.”


  • Dr. Greg encourages everyone to stay connected and pay attention to your own personal health. Small groups can still get together, but no small groups at the church at least through March.
  • Dr. Greg: “If it won’t matter a year from now, it shouldn’t matter now.”
  • Tim: Every ministry area will be rolling out resources appropriate to their age groups and families. Defer to your group leader/ministry leader how what will be done to keep connected. Some ideas: Zoom, Marco Polo, Facebook, GroupMe, Emails


  • Dr. Greg: Highly recommended! Strong content and a wealth of information on Right Now Media.

Devotional | Dr. Greg

  • Based on a hymn by William Cooper – “God Moves In A Mysterious Way”
  • Matthew 6:25 – 27 – “Jesus tell us not to be anxious. If God takes care of birds whose value is nothing compared to humans, He will certainly take care of us. God will certainly take care for us. Our hope is in God, has been in God, and will continue to be in God. Lets look to God.”

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Dr. Greg Belser


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