Episode 02: Serving Souls

Looking for ways you can serve the community, family and friends during the COVID-19 crises? Hosts Tim Peabody and Scott Fortenberry invite you to join us for updates and encouragement in today’s Morrison Heights Family Connect podcast.


Guest Spot Highlight | Scott Fortenberry, Pastor of Soul City Church

  • Second Harvest Update: Went very well even with major changes due to pandemic. Served 65 clients as volunteers brought food to the cars. Number of new faces to give regulars and our senior adults a break.
  • Soul City Update: Soul City is going very well. Members gathered for church Sunday and was very unique because college students were still on spring break so it was “very unique” since “It’s all us.” Feeding all the kids in the neighborhood. Tuesday was their first day and they fed 30 children with the help of Hungry Howie’s and Whimsy Cookies.
  • Scott’s Dream: Two years ago Scott went into “dream mode.” Everybody knows it doesn’t take Scott long to do that!  “Aw man! We’d knock this wall out and we’d create a kitchen here, house mission teams here, and this would turn into a cafeteria. In the last two weeks, this dream has become a reality.”
  • Soul City Need: Risk of running out of food to feed the kids. Soul City is dependent on others supporting the dream.
  • Family Update: Candiss and the kids doing well. “We are trying to figure out what this will look like school wise. I think we are going to see a lot of new creation develop out of both church and schools how we are going to develop the school model.”

Community Story

  • Our very own David and Claire Gilliam posted live to Facebook Sunday to deliver the preschool Bible lesson to their three year old class.
  • Tim: “It’s been fun to see our church reach out and connect in creative ways. Claire will appreciate the fact that we included the clip of her dancing.”


  • Email Tim, Laura, or Paige to gain access to RightNow Media, the Netflix of Bible studies and kids programming. Christian programming.
  • A lot of groups are connecting through Zoom, Marco Polo or GroupMe.
  • Important for Life Group leaders to stay connected with their groups. Encouraged to get your class list and pick up the phone to touch base.
  • Garage Sale Plans: No pick-up this Saturday. Postponed and being evaluated. Dates for garage sale are May 1 – 2.
  • Happy Birthday to Jay Haynes, our missionary in Hawaii.
  • Did you know? Tim and Scott went to college and even studied together, and Scott claims Tim got him through.

Devotional | Scott Fortenberry

  • Romans 12:1 “…offer your bodies as living sacrifice…spiritual act of worship.”
  • “As the church, we have the opportunity to live this out. For so long, our church across the board in the United Starts has been known for this hour on Sunday, and I believe right now, is an incredible opportunity for us to be known for the way we love and serve and care for other people.”
  • In the words of Dr. Dolittle “The only way we can truly meet our needs is to meet the needs of others.”

Prayer Time | Scott Fortenberry

  • John Salters
  • Anna Neal

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