Episode 03: Paige’s Practically Perfect Pointers

Difficult times can create a great deal of anxiety and fear for children. Paige Atkinson, Director of Elementary Ministry at Morrison Heights, shares some ways to help your children cope and keep them entertained all at the same time.


Guest Spot Highlight | Paige Atkinson, Director of Elementary Ministry at MHBC

  • Family Update: Family doing great. Everyone staying busy doing what they can. Mark’s office isn’t closed. Matthew working from home which is great. “And I get to hang out with all you great people everyday.”
  • Church activities cancelled or postponed. Bible Drill cancelled but children getting credit and certificates. Drill and ice cream party to be scheduled.
  • Tim: Church activities shutdown through end of March but expect to be longer. Hope to be together for Easter.
  • Tim: “What can parents and children do during this time to deal with anxiety and activities?”
  • Paige: “Difficult times cause all different kinds of reactions in children.”
  • Acknowledge that their fears and anxieties are real. Not make light of them. But immediately point them to God is bigger than that.  Be sure to address the fear, and then help them swap their focus to something that is positive. You want to change their thought patterns – think Phil. 4: 6 – 8. After all, there is no benefit to sitting in fear on something that is not real.
  • Communication. Lots of communication. Really talk. Really listen. Nod your head, make eye contact, ask questions, let them know you really care.
  • Let them ask questions. They are hearing the news and people talking so they need to be able to ask questions and express themselves. Great time to incorporate Scripture. Funnel truth back into them.
  • Play with them. Children love to play and when they relax they tend to talk more but also helps them express their feelings well.
  • Memorize and read Scripture together. Specifically ones that are going to help them calm their fears so they have truth.  Encourage them with Philippians 4 – think on what is worthy, noble, right, etc. Be creative! Use songs and games based on their age. Contests. Silly prizes.
  • Pray with them. Pray that God will calm fears. Parents are setting the example and modeling that confidence in Christ for them during difficult times.
  • Everyday reassure them that God is in control, He loves them, He cares for them and that through everything, even a pandemic that GOD IS GOOD!
  • Lacy Deese and Whitney Caves were great to come alongside. Whitney and Paige will be doing a future post on helping children get through these difficult times.
  • Book Recommendation: Anxious Abby and the Camp Trust Challenge by Alyssa Cathers and Beth Snider.

Need Ideas For What To Do At Home?

  • Read Aloud or Audio Books
    • Family Favorite:  The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.
    • Andrew Peterson – The Wingfeather Saga. Andrew will be reading aloud beginning Friday.
  • Family game night. Create your own board game.
  • Bible Trivia
  • Cook a meal together
  • Create a family bucket list
  • Family treasure hunt around the house
  • Take a museum, zoo, or national parks tour online

Community Spotlight

  • Our very own Julie Roberts reached out to those around her to see who might need homemade bread since the stores were out.
  • Homemade bread for those without.
  • Willing to help others if anyone has a need.
  • Paige: “Can I brag too that she’s one of my Elementary Life Group leaders? Elementary leaders are stepping up!”

Other Church Activities

  • Sunday Service | 9:00 AM | Music and Preaching
  • Working on Sunday morning schedule | Will stagger live streaming activities so people can view worship and then Life Groups from children to adults.
  • Paige and Melissa will be resourcing parents.
  • Food Drive – Boys vs Girls competition. Buckets outside student building. Families can drive by and drop off. Will update on FB on whose in the lead. Celebrate with big party when back.
  • Missionary: Jack Santos is on lockdown in Peru.

Devotional | John 13:34 – 35

  • How can we show loves for others?
  • Three ways to show love. (1) Support – encourage friends with text, notes, calls, and pray for your friends (2) Serve – food drive, at home with sibling or mom and dad with chores (3) Share – spending time with family what learning about God and how He’s made difference in their lives
  • Learn to love, care, serve one another. It’s by loving others that people know we are followers of christ.

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