Episode 04: Health, Hazards, and Hand Washing

If you have questions and would like answers about the coronavirus then this is the podcast for you! Join Tim Peabody and Dr. Justin Qualls as they discuss what’s happening with the virus and how to protect yourself.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Justin Qualls

  • Married to Emily – Justin has four children with the newest little one being Elizabeth.
  • Tim: “How has worked changed in the past week, what advice do you have for us and should we be panicking?
  • Justin:  “You should not be panicking. I am not a public health expert or speaking on behalf of any of the places I work. I work at Baptist as a hospitalist. Board certified in internal medicine. I did a combined residency so I’m also  board certified in pediatrics and have worked part time in the pediatric emergency room.
  • Justin: Updates are coming every few hours from the hospital and health department. “I think the first thing I’d stress is make sure you are getting your information from reputable sources – MS State Department of Health and CDC.”
  • Tim: Why the quarantine?
  • Justin: “Voluntary quarantines right now. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 then you are being asked to stay in your home. Reason is for social distancing. Social distancing means 6 feet away from others. Virus is in respiratory droplets. Spreading person to person now. Not just to prevent coronavirus (40-70% Of US population will get coronavirus) Not everyone will die or have severe symptoms, but some will have life threatening symptoms so we are trying to protect the most vulnerable.””
  • Justin: Flattening the Curve: Charts show how many cases in a day and how much time elapsed since first case. Cases going up and if too steep like Italy –  healthcare system got overwhelmed. Only a certain number of ventilators and ICU beds. “Not trying to prevent everyone from getting the coronavirus but delay the amount of time it takes for people to get it. If 40% of people get it in the next year, we can handle that. Want to space out the time. Keep people away from each other. Has potential to spread even with no symptoms like when you are at soccer practice or sitting next to each other in church. Not coughing but have potential to spread the virus. “By the time they figure it out, they’ve been around hundreds of people who’ve then been around hundreds of people and you get the steep curve.”
  • Tim: Where are we now?
  • Justin: Not at the high point. The more they test the more they will see. Healthcare system not overwhelmed right now. Worry is as cases go up, up, up we will get there.
  • Tim: Not seen you yet touch your face yet.
  • Justin: “Try not to touch face.” We do touch our faces a lot. Can live at least for some hours on surface – doorknobs, steering wheels. CDC has great video on hand washing. Most don’t wash hands correctly. Sing doxology or happy birthday. “
  • Tim: “So if I think I have corona, what should I do?
  • Justin: “You should not panic. Physicians in MS working hard to care for patients. Challenging. Thousands of calls. We also have people who need regular care. We have telehealth platforms now because government taking away most of our restrictions on these. Asses  how you feel. Fever over 100.4. Coughing. Short of breath. Only testing people who have those symptoms and are high risk – come back from high risk country, or high risk hot spot in the US, or if you have a known contact with someone who has coronavirus. If you don’t feel very bad, take Tylenol and rest like if you had a mild case of the flu. Most vulnerable are over 65, have immune conditions, cancer on chemo, COPD, asthma, chronic conditions, and pregnant woman. Limit access to these people. Reputable sources saying Ibuprofren makes it worse. Taking Tylenol will work fine for fever.”
  • Justin: We as Americans are rugged individualists and don’t like the idea of public health as much as we think we do. Public health means we are focused on the greater good and all this stuff happening right now where we are being socially isolated it’s not just to protect us but to protect our neighbor. When we think about the church of Christ, we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbor as ourself. So when we are being inconvenienced, that’s what we are doing. We are loving our neighbor. These public health measures are to protect our most vulnerable.  Children don’t seem to be getting this disease at least to any degree of severity so that gives us some relief.”

Community Story | Clint and Emily Andrews

  • New online Life Group launching Sunday.
  • Posted to Facebook with great response.


  • Sunday mornings live at 9:00 AM and will include music this week.
  • Preschool, children, youth, college and adults working on ways to deliver content and provide interaction for their groups.
  • Keep in touch with your leaders. 

Missionary | Stuart and Ashley Robinson

  • Seoul, South Korea working with the IMB
  • South Korea got a lot of cases fairly early but thankful for good news. They seemed to flatten the curve.
  • Restrictions lifting.

Devotional | Justin Qualls

  • Philippians 4: 4 – 8
  • Justin: “Captures where we need to be right now. God doesn’t want us to be anxious. He is the one that gives us our peace. He is sovereign and good, and He knows what’s going on. He’s not surprised by the coronavirus. He will bring a lot of good out of this. I think the church has unprecedented opportunities right now. Rejoice. Trust in the Lord.”

Prayer Time | Tim Peabody

  • John Salters
  • Laura Jackson out of hospital
  • Larry Pepper out of hospital
  • Isaac Dabbs fell and had to get four staples in his head.

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