Episode 05: Monday Musings

We’re back for another week because we understand that in the midst of confusing times, it can be difficult not knowing how others are doing and what’s going on. So join us for another edition as Dr. Greg and Michael Cole share what life has been like for them and the church and just why worship is so important during a quarantine.


Intro and Welcome | Tim and Pastor Greg Belser
Tim: Welcome back to Morrison Heights Family Connect. While we are on coronavirus lockdown, we are here every week day. I have with me here today none other than our pastor, Dr. Greg Belser.

  • Tim: How did Sunday go?
  • Dr. Greg: Weird. Very weird. I felt like it went well. We are pleased with the response of the church to our electronic production, and we are going to try and get better at that and try to increase our reach and talk to more people. So far so good.
  • Tim: How long is this going to last? Any other questions you get from the church or anything you’d like to share with us?
  • Dr. Greg: We do get that question and the answer is I have no idea.  The second question I get more often is ‘How are you doing? How’s Susan?’ The answer is we are doing well. We don’t do weird very well, but we are managing beyond that. Our family is well.  I might take this opportunity to say one of the things we are trying to do because we are not allowed to visit the hospitals or nursing homes, and we are taking extra precautions with people who are homebound – there’s a lot of things we give attention to on the pastoral care side of our ministry that basically have been eliminated. So we resort to telephone and some email. Doubling down on that. Goal to connect with every member of our church in the next 30 days. Elders, staff, and deacons all involved in the effort. Hope to find out how things are going and how you are processing and look forward to getting back together soon.
  • Tim: “But if somebody has a need, somebody doesn’t need to wait until we call them.”
  • Dr. Greg: No, no, no. All of our numbers are published. We are open Monday to Friday
    8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  Lots of concern about how things are going to ramp up, but we don’t know. No script or training for this. Church responding really well.
  • Tim: Staff done great. Gotta brag on podcast team. Idea last Monday morning. First episode Tuesday.  By Saturday, in the App store.  And Friday got at least 3500 views with Justin Qualls.

Guest Spot Highlight | Michael Cole, Associate Pastor of Music & Worship

  • Tim: Hello. Welcome Michael. Music was powerful yesterday. How are things going for you?
  • Michael: Things going well. Obviously, life is very different.
  • Tim: What was it like leading worship with nobody here?
  • Michael: “Very different. The idea of corporate worship is corporate, but we have an empty room. In leading music and singing, God will bless me when I see someone engaging and connecting and that wasn’t there.
  • Tim: How’s your family? Been locked up together?
  • Michael: Pretty much. Girls are starting online classes – 9th grade / college. We are good. Not complaining about having Makayla at home.
  • Tim: So what’s going on in the music department that we need to know about?
  • Michael: “Everything very different. We do things in person and can’t do that. Get some together to record music for Sunday. Trying to stay connected – emails, calls, weekly devotions.
  • Michael: “I hope that the music from this past Sunday was a good part of worship. A couple of Sundays ago we worshipped through preaching of the Word, but we wanted to present as best we can on a Sunday and that’s what we tried to do.”
  • Tim: Good Sunday. Worship. Children’s Activities. Youth Activities. Several of our adult groups met. Clint and Emily Andrews launched their new group early with 27 people. Lots of folks met on Zoom or Facebook. Attendance was way up!  Experiment with the technology! We are all learning on the fly and adapting. But a great Sunday!

Devotional | Revelation 7:9-12

  • Even though in an empty room and families at home we were united in worship just as the multitudes before the throne.
  • Worship continually going before the throne as they worship the lamb.
  • Family here. Family there. United in worship with all believers.
  • If feeling alone and miss corporate worship, we are joining with those before the throne and worshipping.

Prayer | Michael

Closing Remark

  • My good friend, outstanding worship pastor Michael Cole.
  • As the kids say, “Like, Comment, and Share” please!
  • We love our family. Bless you.

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