Episode 06: Going, Growing, Gone

We all enjoy hearing good news! Even though our church family may be apart, good things are still happening! Student Minister Chris Cunningham shares an update from our youth and encourages us that it really is okay to slow down.


Guest Spot Highlight | Chris Cunningham

  • Everything going well. Stephanie staying with Hardin starting a couple weeks ago.
  • Hardin now 10 months old in a couple of weeks and moving. “Looks like we’re just now moving into our house because there’s nothing in our living room because Hardin just wants to climb up and stand up.
  • “Hardin beginning to walk behind a walker and leans forward but forgets to move feet. Pretty funny.”
  • Stephanie just became a stay at home mom. Been good. Traveling with youth. Excited about the future of both of them doing things with student ministry.
  • Recent return from Hazard, Kentucky with youth. People very welcoming to our group. Huge impact for youth. Youth jumped in with the community to support them in their scrimmage softball team. Youth girls made signs.
  • Sunday went really good. Zoom meeting with a hangout time first. Scavenger hunt. Incredible. Encouraging to see students. More than expected. Good to keep the community.
  • “We can’t not do anything for two months or we won’t know where our students are.”
  • Students hung out after Life Group as well.

Community Story | Rachel Byrd

  • Going through school line for her Ipad. Rachel made it her goal to see how many people she could get to wave at her.
  • Over 200 waves! Encouraging!

Updates and Activities

  • Second Harvest low on food. Drop off outside student building.
  • Garage Sale pick up days are postponed. Unsure of future dates.
  • Boys vs. Girls food challenge. Boxes outside student building. Chris: “Boys getting smoked. Don’t embarrass us!”

Devotional | Psalm 46

  • Schedules have completely changed. Everything on regular base has ended.
  • How can we be still in this season?
  • Senior youth was looking forward to senior year and realized she’d made all of it an idol in her life.
  • Things in our own life have ended or been postponed so maybe we need to be still before the Lord.
  • Families, how are you leading and discipling in your family at this time?
  • Right Now Media has tons of studies.
  • Spend time in the Word with your family. Contact us for resources.
  • We need to be still because it would be a shame if we look back when it’s all said and done and said “Wow! We’ve wasted so many opportunities to grow in our faith and our walk with Christ because we didn’t take time to be still.”


  • Dan Wesson in the passing of his wife, Melba. 
  • Dr. Charles Scrivener in the passing of his aunt Rae Sinclair.

Closing Remarks

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