Episode 07: Seniors Serving Selflessly

Tough times can bring out the best in people, and that is certainly the case with our senior adults! Dr. Charles Scrivener gives us an update on how they are doing, what they are doing, and how a good attitude just makes everything better.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Charles Scrivener

  • Associate Pastor of Education and Pastoral Care
  • Family doing well.
  • Wife Norma Jean is working out of the house as well as out the office a little bit.
  • Son Charlie works at Eddie McBride. Teaches Braille to individual adults as well as primarily teaching communication skills. He has been sent home but is getting paid working for the state. A little bored at home.
  • Daughter Julie has moved back to Florida this past weekend. Worked on Thursday in NC then drove all day Friday back down to the Ft. Meyers area and worked Saturday – Tuesday. Straight through. Pharmacist work hard.
  • Tim: “Many of the ministries at Morrison Heights are supervised by yourself, but the senior adults especially look to you as their leader so what would you say to our senior adults right now?”
  • Dr. Charles: “Continue to do a great job. They are ministering to each other very, very  well. I’ve called about 70 -80 of our senior adults in the past week and half. They are busy caring for one other.  Usually when I start the conversation I ask, ‘How are you doing.” They say “Great! How are you doing?” Secondly, I say ‘Is there anything you need?” They say “No, I think I’ve got everything I need. Do you need something?’ No. No. We’d like to bring some items to you if you need them. They usually say ‘No, but if you need help we will be glad to go get items for someone else.’”
  • Trying to remind them they should be staying in as much as possible and not getting out. They just want to help. “They are just a terrific group of folks.”
  • Hard not to be serving at Second Harvest due to coronavirus, and they are bemoaning the fact they can’t work at Second Harvest.
  • A couple of Senior Adult life groups are continuing to meet with Zoom. They are learning new technology, and they’re embracing that. Some of our senior adults don’t have the ability or the equipment to do that so we are sending CD’s. If there are other senior adults that would like a cd of the Sunday morning services, we would be glad to share that with them.
  • We’d be glad to pick up items at the store and deliver to them as well.
  • All activities suspended and people are being patient. Last week people were in shock. This week most people are getting into a new rhythm and more accepting of what’s going on.

Ministry Update | Second Harvest

  • People asking about financial donations and someone else purchase food.
  • Money doesn’t immediately help.
  • Tim Rowan is suggesting people look at non-traditional sources for food such as Big Lots, Dollar General, Shoppers Value.

Community Story | Joshua and Scott Mraz

  • Passing out water to waste management employees.
  • Fun, terrific thing to do. Great way to connect with the community.
  • Good for them for getting out and helping.

Updates and Activities | Morrison Heights Preschool and Afterschool

  • Dr. Charles:  Preschool ministry still at our old campus. Things are going well.Caring for about 50 children each day. Those children have both parents working, and they are unable to take care of their children at home, or not able to do the social distancing they would like to. We made the decision from the beginning that we would try to keep that open as long as we can. So far that’s been successful. Some of the workers are not working right now for the child development center, and they understand the reason for that.
  • Tim: It’s a blessing to be able to provide that service. As the Governor mentioned, it’s crucial to have childcare for people who work in healthcare or indispensable industries. There are many who don’t have other options. Tough decision to keep open, but valuable thing to serve the community in that way.
  • Dr. Charles. We had over 250 children enrolled a few weeks ago. Most want a spot held for them even though can’t come right now. But have 50 out of the 250.

Devotional | Dr. Charles

  • Attitude. Sometimes you do the right thing but sometimes you don’t do the right thing with the right attitude.
  • David was anointed king before he officially became king. Unusual situation. Samuel led by God to anoint him as king. Problem was Saul was the king actual at the time. When Saul heard that David was anointed as king he became very angry, jealous, and even enraged. Tried to kill David several times. David had to run away for his life. Had to practice social distancing before it was popular. He hid in caves. During the time he was running away from King Saul, he wrote several Psalms. Poetry. He was a poet.
  • Psalm 34. Even during a time of great stress in his life he had a good attitude. He went to God and God ministered to Him.


  • Deborah Montgomery: MD Anderson
  • Dr. Charles Scrivener in the passing of his aunt, Rae Sinclair

Closing Remarks

  • Contest Winner: Amanda Andrews
  • Hashtag on Social Media | #MHBCtogether | This Sunday take a photo that shows your family worshipping together. Or take a photo doing worship, community story, family participating in any children or youth programming we are doing. Anything that will encourage your fellow church members just put the hashtag.
  • Thank you for joining us! We love our family!

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Dr. Charles Scrivener


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