Episode 08: College Conquering COVID

Our college students may be gone, but they are not out! Lockdown isn’t keeping our college students from discipling, encouraging, and leading! Kalaishi Johnson, College Ministry Assistant, shares how the college ministry is staying active, and they we have nothing to fear in this time of uncertainty.


Guest Spot Highlight | Kalaishi Johnson

  • Family is good. We live in a small town in MS so nothing really happening which is good. They’re staying protected, staying safe.
  • In school full-time at RTS working on master’s of arts degree in counseling. Life is still going but just virtually.
  • Works in college ministry. So different in the college ministry now. We are use to seeing students almost daily.
  • Mainly doing things through our Instagram page – moheightscm. Live devotional daily at 11:00 AM. Missional communities (Bible studies for outreaching to the lost) still going via Zoom. Huddles (discipleship groups) are still meeting. Students scattered everywhere, but being faithful in the Word and discipling others. Still being there. Being present. Some serving at Second Harvest.
  • Huddles are groups of 3 – 6 people who meet weekly. Hold each other accountable. Kalaishi leads one and her group share together daily with key truths, key verses, and repent/believe – what is the Lord saying to you and what are you going to do about it? Keep us active in God’s Word and accountable to what He is doing in their life. Up to 45+ students are part of a group or break off and lead a group.

Community Spotlight | Avants Family

  • Kathi works in IT and Jason does safety for Shell off shore.
  • Children are Abby (6th Grade) and Teagan (Preschool)
  • Putting together masks for medical personnel.

Church Activity Update

  • RA Derby Races: Paige and Andy will be distributing cars THIS Sunday 3:00 – 4:00 PM at student building. Time to decorate! Hope to have a derby race in the near future, but if not the RA leaders have agreed to set up the cars and race them with just a couple of people in the room and then video and share.

Devotion | Kalaishi

  • The Lord put a verse on my heart after serving in India for a summer, and He brought it back to me a few months ago.
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • Don’t have to be afraid. Throughout Isaiah 41 and 40 there are rhetorical questions about “Who can do this? Who can do that?”
  • It’s all the Lord. All the glory goes to the Lord.
  • In this time, there is so much fear and uncertainty and no one knows what is going on. But we can sit and fear not. We don’t have to be dismayed because our God is with us. He will go before us. He will uphold us.
  • It’s okay I”m not in control. I’m glad I’m not in control! God is big enough. He is bigger than Covid.


  • John Salters
  • Deborah Montgomery
  • Jason Avants in the loss of his uncle

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Kalaishi!
  • Thanks for joining us! We love our family!

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Tim Peabody

Kalaishi Johnson


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