Episode 09: Parke’s Ponderings

In every season, God can use our situation to not only grow us but to give us hope. Dr. Ivan Parke shares with us today about his recent trip to Israel, and how even in difficult situations, God is never surprised.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Ivan Parke

  • Christian Studies Professor at Mississippi College.
  • Family Update: “We are like every other family in the United States and in the world more or less affected by this pandemic, this national emergency, but we are doing quite well. We are all well. I can speak not only for our four, but even our extended family. Mary Anne’s parents are both 85, and my dad is 82 and my step-mom is 79. We’ve (immediate 4)  all been impacted with regards to our jobs. Blessing to be in education. Three of us in education and one is a student. Son JP is in semester six at MC so only has the summer and fall and then graduates. Clinical phase of instruction. Did rotations at UMMC but informed during Spring break to go home.  JP been cooking, cleaning, and doing yard work. Cooks thanks to Mary Anne – spaghetti, red beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo and even attempted some Indian dishes. Anne Marie in fifth year of marriage. Michael, her husband, works for Lifeway heading up Centri Kids camps. Anne Marie teaches upper level math middle school in Franklin, TN. Mary Ann and myself are teaching classes at MC via Zoom.”
  • “I am a dinosaur when it comes to technology! I thrive on the face to face. I surely do. Miss seeing the students. Six weeks of semester left.  Zoom is the way, but we are not zooming through Hebrew.”
  • May Israel Trip: So much has changed in just a matter of a couple of weeks because just a few weeks we were part of a group of 38 who went to Israel. Amazing experience. My third trip and Mary Anne’s second. Heard many concerns about the virus. Adventure trying to get back. Being in Israel was like being in the eye of a storm. Nothing was being said in Israel. No political turmoil, beautiful weather. “I had hoped Morrison Heights trip in May would still take place, but the State Department issued a level 4 travel warning (basically no foreign travel). This trip has been postponed, but not cancelled. God-willing we will be traveling in May 2021.
  • Continuing to teach Old Testament workshop, classes at Mississippi College, and preaching as interim pastor for a church.

Missionary Spotlight | Amanda

  • Southeast Asia
  • Doing good. Staying well.

Life Lesson From Israel

The intrepid sprouting flower. Picture a flower growing up out of harsh ground. Shows God’s glorious design. What a God! Even in scene of despair and desolation there is hope. Hope is something that sticks out and looks ahead rather than what is. We need hope as much now as ever because we are in perilous times. Challenge to us. In the same way God planted this plant in an unlikely place, it’s blooming, and God strategically put us in this time for this season to be His hands and feet and heart. Simple flower in Judean desert to give encouragement.

Devotion | Matthew 6:8

  • “…your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”
  • The whole blessing of prayer. We need it and are desperate to commune with God. God ordained way to connect with Him. To pray rather than panic. Share specifically what’s in our life. Inviting Him and pleading with Him to intervene.
  • Don’t ever think you are informing God of something. He already knows. He not only knows your need before you say it, He already knows the solution of your need before you even knew it was  a need. So we pray. Not based on quality or length. Just pray. Remember the Father already knows. He is not panicked or throwing up His hands. He has never said “uh-oh” and never will. Pray with confidence.

Prayer | Dr. Parke

Closing Remarks

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