Episode 11: Greg’s Greetings

While we may not able to go, we are still able to do. Today, Tim Rowan shares an update from our Missions Ministry and encourages us that during this difficult and questionable time, we should strive to hold fast to our God.


Guest Spot Highlight | Tim Rowan, Associate Pastor to Missions

  • Family holding in there pretty well. Everybody is healthy.
  • Father passed away two weeks ago. 92 years old and a believer for over 80 years. Served as a deacon for over 60 years in the Baptist church. We feel blessed to have had him that long, and feel the Lord provided mercy for him.
  • Wife Amy doing well. Works at Mississippi College one to two days right now. Children doing well. Grandchildren doing well. Choosing to stay away right now from the little ones to be safe. Best for them.
  • Not as much as we would like going on in missions right now. Tim, Scott, and Alicia are staying in touch with our missionaries. Hearing varying stories but circumstances pretty much the same.
  • Central Asia guest made home safely and virus free. Contributing to a hospital to help with our people group. Not able to go, but able to do.
  • Missions Garage Sale postponed. Works days cancelled for consideration of our people and safety reasons.
  • Over the past two weeks, we’ve talked to every missionary we support. None have the virus. Doing well. Staying in. Becky Dewett under a five week quarantine. In Peru, they are being quarantined in their homes. Only out once a day for supplies. Typical throughout Asia and Europe.
  • Learning that we’ve been busy with a lot and taking a look at how we’ve been doing things and what we’ve been doing.
  • Within the United States, most of our partners are church planters. Unable to meet. Affecting them financially. Prayer Request: Please remember them as how they figure out their finances and getting the needs of the churches and people.

Community Spotlight

  • Faith Taylor
  • Many are drawing pictures and Scriptures on their driveway and sidewalk.
  • Please share them! #MHBCtogether.

Church Update

  • Easter Update: We don’t know. Regardless, we will celebrate the Lord!

Devotional | Tim Rowan

  • 2 Kings 18
  • Period of time when in the writings of history of all the kings that served in Israel and Judah as the kingdom divided later on.
  • Hezekiah. 25 years old when he became king. His father proceeded him and Scripture records him as not doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord. Violated God’s commands. Hezekiah’s example.
  • Verse 3: He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. Unlike his father. Somebody or someone had influenced him in a different way than his father had been influenced.
  • Verse 5 : Hezekiah began to do some things that are beneficial to us during times like this. These are difficult times. Questionable times. Good, practical advice: Trusted in the Lord.
  • As believers, we can and should trust God. Trust means to be confident, to be bold, to have hope. It’s in times like this that we cling to God, cling to Christ and have that hope in Him.
  • Verse 6: Favorite part. He held fast to the Lord. Steadfast love of God. Because of the covenant and the promise God had made to His people, He held fast to His people. We know that. He will never us or forsake us. His love is forever.
  • We too should hold fast. Do not depart from following Him. Follow the commandments.
  • “Fast” means to cling. Think children clinging to parents or someone in deep water clinging to a life preserver.
  • Stay invested in the Word. Spend some of our idle time there. Read and do. Have the type character described in Hezekiah.


  • John Salter
  • Ann Sommers
  • Deborah Montgomery
  • Mary Catherine Gentry in the loss of her brother to Coronavirus

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family.
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  • Have a great one!

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Tim Peabody

Tim Rowan, Associate Pastor of Missions 


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