Episode 12: Super Sensational Seniors

Sometimes life changes on us when we least expect it. Mallory Burnside, a Clinton High School Senior, shares with us today why God might use those unexpected changes to show us what we really value.


Guest Spot Highlight | Clinton High School Senior, Mallory Burnside

  • Senior year blown up by coronavirus
  • Family doing well. Recently moved. Busy unpacking.
  • Heartbreaking to lose senior year. Helped me realize that “I had idolized my senior year.” So many expectations for the year – prom, graduation, senior awards night etc., and it all got taken away. “I saw what I valued. By it being taken away, came uncertainty, heartbreak, even more heartbreak with more being taken away. “
  • Trips have been cancelled that had been planned for some time. Missing prom plans with best friend, Megan Collins.  As State President of Mu Alpha Theta missing conference.
  • Regrets: Missing friends. Working on grades to get in top ten at school. Missing senior memories that have been looked forward to for some time.
  • Zooming with students in the student ministry which has been awesome. Getting alone time with God to listen to Him, but getting other’s people’s input too. Technology has proven to be a good thing during this time. Classes able to provide work. Church able to push the Word of God into us.

Community Spotlight

  • Students – Sid Bennett and Blake Dunn went out with Chris Cunningham and Ben Prevost to help with yard work at one of our senior adult’s home. Neighbors came and asked for help, and our students more than happy to help!
  • Special thanks to our church members who are medical staff. So appreciated. Lives and families at risk but going and doing their job everyday with much pressure.

Church Update

  • Still waiting for a time we can have hope to be together. Not looking optimists for Easter. Doesn’t look good that it could happen within the month of April. Tough for us. We like to be together.
  • Adult Life Groups are doing great. Highest attendance since Tim has been here.
  • People who serve on Sunday mornings able to connect with their Life Groups.


  • Thoughts on coronavirus.
  • When everything is taken away, you see what you really value. I idolized my senior year. Was upset and filled with uncertainty and frustration
  • Favorite Verse: Acts 7:50 “Did not my hand make all these things?” He has the answers, and I have to rest in that. As Dr. Greg said, grief is not a horrible place to visit, but it’s a lousy place to live. Applied to my life by questioning my own life during this time- it’s a horrible place to visit but it is a lousy place to live. Questioning can suddenly turn to doubt and lack of faith.
  • Mark 11. Withered fig tree. Jesus encourages us to have faith. Seek God with your whole heart and your whole soul and you will have peace and comfort. Very reassuring.
  • Deut. 4. God is a consuming fire and a jealous God. What are the distractions in our life. Refocus our vision to God. These moments have shown God is a jealous God. Make the best of Jesus in everything you do.


  • Margaret Mckenzie, sister fell and broke wrist
  • Connie Robinson’s great-niece had a jet ski accident
  • Mary Catherine Gentry, loss of brother due to coronavirus.

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Mallory Burnside


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