Episode 13: Dispersed Discipleship

When life is moving along normally, we know the daily in’s and out’s. What happens though when there is suddenly no play book? Drew Dabbs shares how our college students are caring for one another from a distance, and encourages us with a reminder that God makes no mistakes, and His purposes and glory will be fulfilled even during a pandemic lockdown.


Guest Spot Highlight | Minister To College, Drew Dabbs

  • Family doing pretty well. Mostly hunkered down at home as much as we can be with two small boys. Living the dream of one small space with two small boys. Isaac is just over 3 1/2 years old and Nathan is 10 months old. Kristy doing really well. She is finding ways to maintain relationships with women in the church and leading a group of stay at home moms on Zoom talking about life and the Lord.
  • 30 Huddles running all year. Representing 90 college students being discipled. We want the people being huddled to go out and lead a huddle. Anticipating 50-60 Huddles launching in the fall.
  • Missional Community/Community Groups. Born out of Huddles. In Huddles, students are discipled UP in their relationship with God, relationship IN with brothers and sisters in Christ, and their relationship OUT with the world. Always evaluating their relationships. In their relationship up with the Lord, consider how you are engaging the lost world. Out of the huddle we want them to join a missional community – a family on mission. Group of believers seeking to cultivate family. Easy to do in college because always in community groups and they’ve left their family of origin. Looking for a new family. Community groups find family and then together look for the lost people to engage. Have rhythms. First two weeks meet with believers. Third week host an out night party at homes of church members to invite lost/unchurched friends. Upwards of thirty students at a party. Fourth week plan.
  • When you put saved people and lost people in the same spaced, good stuff can start to happen.
  • Coronavirus has changed things up. Everything cancelled for the students. Students scattered across the country but still desire connection. Most groups meeting via Zoom. The international missional community has knocked it out of the park. Connecting with every international student at MC. Narrowed down list and have connected with forty internationals and now calling each one during separation to check in and share gospel.
  • No play book but college students doing great at being missionaries.

Missionary Highlight | Preston and Kristin Dabbs

  • Preston is Drew’s younger brother.
  • Serves with his wife Kristen at Resonate Church. Pullman, Washington. Collegiate church planting church in Washington State. Mission is how do we engage more college students and more college campuses with the gospel.
  • Goal is to plant 21 churches by 2021. Planted on 12 – 13 campuses so far.
  • Trying to re-invent everything they were doing since everyone scattered due to virus.

Church Activities

  • None. Hoping soon.
  • No gatherings of any size.
  • Been hard for all of us. Thankful so many connecting online. Keep supporting and encouraging.

Devotional | Drew

  • College students unique situation. We are home with family and in Clinton.
  • Genesis 11. Tower of Babel. People refused to fill the earth but decided to all come together and build a tower. Verse 7 – 8.
  • From the beginning God has always been in the business of dispersing His people, of scattering them, to accomplish His purposes.
  • See this right at the beginning of God’s story. New Testament He says to “Go and make disciples.” Persecution forces Christians to scatter. 1 Peter and James writing to exiles, the scattering of God’s people.
  • College students have been scattered. Didn’t choose or necessarily want. Clear from Scripture that God has a purpose in that. Not a mistake. Not an accident. His purpose and glory will be fulfilled.
  • See as an opportunity to live for God’s purposes no matter where you are.

Prayer | Drew Dabbs

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family!

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Tim Peabody

Drew Dabbs, Minister to College


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