Episode 15: Gunn’s Governmental Guidance

While the coronavirus may have many of us finding ourselves with less to do, there are many, including our healthcare workers and government officials who are staying busy helping to protect numerous people. Speaker of the MS House of Representatives, Philip Gunn shares with us today an update from the frontlines.


Guest Spot Highlight |  Speaker of MS House of Representatives, Philip Gunn

  • Chair on Committee that identified Dr. Greg Belser as a candidate for pastor of MHBC over 15 years ago.  Last Sunday, March 29 marked his fifteenth year. Great time of celebration. Greatest thing that ever happened to this church since its 1958 founding.
  • Family Update: Doing great. My health more in danger from Mrs. Gunn than coronavirus. I have cleaned out the attic and garage, painted the dining room, planted the plants. Ready for the legislature to reconvene. Very blessed. Grateful for the Lord’s mercies.
  • How Are You Connecting With Church Family? Discovered Zoom. Connecting each Sunday morning after the sermon with the Jerry Reagan Sunday school class. Praying and checking on each other. Text throughout the week. Unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes and may never see again for many years to come. Unusual. Navigating through.
  • Who I’m Listening To On the Health Side: The health situation is the most critical thing we are grappling with right now. Dr. Thomas Dobbs, Director of the State Dept. of Health is our point man, and he is in touch with other healthcare providers and professionals. Take our cues from him. Each day we get an update from him – how many cases, new cases, answers questions. Very good to answer my phone calls. I forward to him all the information I get about PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment). Great shortage nationwide. All trying to push out to our healthcare providers (masks, gowns, gloves, ventilators) that are necessary to fight this virus. Lots of contacts all over the worldwide of people wanting to give or sell stuff to MS. Dr. Dobbs decides if legitimate and quality stuff so we can get to MS. Good friend in Texas who is a senator called with extra supplies they want to give us.
  • Who I’m Listening To On Economic Side: Staying in weekly contact with our state economist. Things change daily. Hard to get an idea of where we are headed. Impact going to be devastating. Great shape before virus, best we’ve ever been in. Next three months will see a decline. Preparing. Conservative budgeting. Fiscal year is July 1 – June 30. We are 200 million dollars ahead, and it will most likely evaporate over the next three months. Tony Greer, member of MHBC, is head of the legislative budget office. Regular contact with Tony and Darrin Webb. Over the last eight years, our conservative leadership has made a pledge to stay within our means. May take some tough decisions coming up to stay committed to that.
  • Keep up with information out of the Speaker’s Office. Daily Facebook briefing on his personal Philip Gunn FB page. Website: philipgunn.org.
  • Shelter In Place Order: Just avoid crowds of people is the bottom line. If you can engage in an activity and not come in close contact with people, then you can engage in that activity. Certain activities you cannot engage so should not engage with. The virus spreads by coming into close contact with people. Don’t wanna breathe somebody’s else’s air if you will. Biggest concern is that the healthcare system gets overwhelmed. Limited number of ventilators and ICU beds all across the nation, and that is the big threat. The big danger is that we have so many people get sick so quickly, so suddenly that we don’t have enough ventilators and ICU beds. Many of the people who get this will go home and recover just like the flu. The population that is the biggest threat is those who are 65 and older or already have a compromised health problem of some sort (asthma, diabetes, heart etc) are the ones we are most concerned about. Why we don’t allow visits to nursing homes. Veteran homes have reported zero cases due to a policy of no visitors unless your loved one is at end of life. If people will stay home as much as possible, only get out when needed, and avoid crowds of 10 or more (only 6- 7 at recording spread out in sanctuary) it reduces the chance of spreading, and we avoid a run on ventilators and being unable to treat. Right now I am not aware of any place in MS we don’t have enough ventilators to meet the need. Don’t want to get there.
  • Dr Greg: No drive in church for Easter due to the size of our church. Requires equipment and licensure.
  • Speaker Gunn: How we’ve been doing it is an excellent example of how people ought to do it. If people can avoid drive in church, it is probably best. If they have the capability to do internet, that is the best model.
  • Dr. Greg: Every morning at 8:00 AM  a short devotional of what Jesus would have experienced on that day during Holy Week.

Church Update

  • No one in the church has the virus.
  • Maundy Thursday Service | 7:00 PM on Facebook and YouTube

Devotional | John 13

  • Jesus washing the disciples feet.
  • Find ways to serve others.


  • Dr. Greg: Pray for Speaker Gunn and the other government leaders providing strong leadership. As a church family, we can manage, if you will, our little group. Managing the entire state of MS is another game. Easy to be a critic. Harder to do the job. Not everyone who critiques people is capable of doing the job. No script. If not for our leaders, our state would be poorly served. Grateful for those providing strong leadership. Romans 13 says we should respect and pray for them. Encouraging our people to pray. We anticipate the end which is not yet here. The struggles in our everyday lives are not frontline struggles. Government dealing with weighty issues. Grateful for Philip and his leadership and others as well.
  • Jerry Parrott, surgery this week.
  • Betty Kennedy, Uncle in New Orleans diagnosed with coronavirus.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Dr. Greg and our guest MS Speaker of the House, Philip Gunn.
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  • We love our family.

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Philip Gunn, Speaker of the MS House of Representatives


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