Episode 16: Positively Preschool

Finding ways to get through challenging times can be discouraging. Melissa Frasier, our Preschool Director, shares an encouraging word on how to view our wilderness times, and how to reassure our preschoolers that they are loved and going to be okay.


Guest Spot Highlight | Melissa Frasier, Preschool Director

  • Family doing very well. Nobody is sick. Quinton still working medical so in and out of hospitals so please pray for that. He sets up x-ray, mammograms, and CT machines, and works on them also.
  • Son Dalton and his wife Andraya are expecting first child in July. Very excited.
  • Playing a lot of board games and card games. Passionate about gardening. Daughter Holly is in 8th grade, doing school every morning and learning to garden. Fill the days together.
  • Quinton still raising bees.
  • Connecting with church family by having preschool teachers teaching life group for the preschoolers. Me and Quinton are doing Zoom with our Life Group every Sunday. Watching services at 9:00 AM as a family. Doing a lot of phone calls and text messaging with our Life Group.
  • Preschool activities are broadcast by Facebook on the preschool group. Closed group/ask to be invited. Leaders doing a Facebook live each week at 10:15 AM with a Bible story and singing.  Very comforting for the children to know their teachers are still there waiting for them to come back.
  • Advice for preschool parents:  Spend as much time with them as you can. Give a little extra attention. They don’t understand why they can’t go to church. Parents provide comfort.
  • One of my leaders sent little videos talking to their class. Leaders are sending cards and texts to let the preschoolers know they are still loved and missed.

Church Update

  • People still joining our church family. New members – Jason and Shannon Hennen.
  • Will and Pamela Schoggen: Built and set up cross in their yard to celebrate Easter.
  • Easter Week Events: Thursday night, Maundy Thursday service broadcasting live on Facebook and YouTube. 7:00 PM. Easter Service at 9:00 AM on Sunday.  Finding ways to make more meaningful and connect in ways we haven’t before.

Devotional | Melissa Frasier

  • Excerpt: “The Wilderness: Where Miracles Are Born” by Brian and Candice Simmons
  • “Place of not knowing or understanding. God may lead you on a path where a shroud of mystery covers your way. We all walk, at times, into a place we don’t ask for or a place we’d never have chosen to go. If you feeling crowded or stressed and locked in a place you want to run from, that is your wilderness.”
  • “God is a redemptive God uses the wilderness not as a means to harm us but as part of our spiritual re-creation.”
  • Must be content in the wilderness to not understand everything. 1 Timothy 3:9
  • We will get through the wilderness and must stay strong in the Word.

Prayer | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

  • #MHBCtogether: Pictures of what you are doing or how you are worshipping together.
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  • Michael Cole – Celebrating 5 years of service at Morrison Heights.

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