Episode 17: Wonderfully Woodward

Seeking the Lord’s face in good times is easy, but we must remember that even in the midst of difficulties, we must continue to seek after Him. Isaac Woodward shares encouraging words from Psalm 27 and some parting words as he and his family prepare to move back to New Orleans.


Guest Spot Highlight | Isaac Woodward, Crossroads Worship Leader

  • Leader of JSU ministry for college ministry and a part of several other church ministries.
  • Family doing well. Things super different. Married to Ende. Son Paul is four months old.
  • Unexpected blessings. Hanging out with Paul and Ende more.
  • Sad news: Isaac and Ende are moving to New Orleans to do ministry. Worked with George Ross before coming to MHBC. Learned about church planting. Heart drawn to the city. In college led a GenSend team to New Orleans.Continuing to pray for direction. George Ross called with a position open in the city. Confirmation of right direction.
  • Tim: Came time to let church family know and due to lockdown we had to quit meeting. Everyone wants to say thank you, shake hands, give hugs and we can’t. Invited Dr. Greg to podcast.
  • Dr. Greg: Would like to say “It’s been a great joy to have Isaac as part of our team. Remember when he was young, and we enlisted his services. Seen God do marvelous things in and through his life. Thank you on behalf of the church. Very unfortunate we can’t hug you and have everyone tell you what a wonderful job you’ve done and gather those around you to pray. Some anxiety about you taking a job in New Orleans, but God is sovereign. We love you and thank God for your life. We know George Ross, your supervisor, and we love him dearly. Delighted you are leaving our context to go to that context where you have deep roots. New Orleans is home turf for you. Home going for you. Left New Orleans and picked up a wife and son. Couldn’t be more proud of you or more excited about the future. We want to see more churches planted. Tip of spear in New Orleans. We love you and wanted to share publicly via the podcast.
  • Tim: Great job. So blessed by your ministry.
  • Isaac: Ende and I have been so blessed. Opportunity to serve from the beginning. Such a joy to serve and be served by Morrison Heights.
  • Last Sunday is April 19.

Community Spotlight | Hailey Dunn

  • Greg: Word on the street is that people are looking for things to do. Idleness is the devil’s workshop, so idleness is not a good thing. Many know that Alicia Dunn has come to work part time in our Mission Department. Dunn’s have two daughters who are students in Kansas City, MO. Megan brought a cake to the office a week ago. Next day, Alicia let us know that Hailey needed something to do. “I’ll take care of that!” Called Hailey and told her to get busy. Told her something sweet. Showed up three hours later with cookies. We enjoyed them. Celebrating the ministry of Megan and Hailey to the office during this time.

Devotional | Isaac Woodward

  • Been meeting with discipleship group. Jonathan Scott talked about how he was falling more deeply in love with Jesus. Setting goals each week of what to accomplish. For Jonathan, it was difficult to set a goal because he just wanted to see the Lord’s face more and experience Him more.
  • Thought of Psalm 27. David asks something from God in the midst of trial.
  • Verse 4 – David asks for one thing: “One thing I ask of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell I the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.”
  • Dwelling on this idea. The things we do everyday, the things we think of as comprising our life, many of those things have been removed. Many in the world, and the church, are asking “What is my life?” All these things have disappeared.
  • Seek the Lord face’s during this time. Francis Chan – we are alone but in the midst of isolation we have just as much access to the God of the universe as we did before. Just as much with God as before.
  • During this time, make Him more in our life than before.


  • Maurice King family
  • Medical Professionals

Closing Remarks

  • Wishing Isaac and family all the best. Bittersweet time. Can see him on our Maundy Thursday service and two more services after.
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  • We love our family.

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Isaac Woodward, Crossroads Worship Leader


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