Episode 18: Family, Faculty, Fellowship

Mississippi College is in the heart of Clinton, and due to the coronavirus, learning has taken an unexpected turn. Dr. Blake Thompson shares today how Mississippi College – it’s faculty and students are doing, plans for the days ahead, and how we always have a hope and future because of Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Blake Thompson, President Mississippi College

  • His family has a Blueberry farm in North MS. Once went to pharmacy school to chase a girl. He married that girl and had three children with her. Her family also has a blueberry farm.
  • Family doing great. Weathering the storm like so many families. Fortunate to live in a beautiful home on MC campus, but walls closing in a bit.
  • Children doing school during the day. Blake working from home and the office. Children have one mission while at home, especially Cate. She has been doing artwork to lobby the family for a puppy. She deserves it, but not sure she will get it.
  • Thankful for MHBC. Felt like the Lord led us to Mississippi and MC. We know He wouldn’t have done that without providing us with a church family. Glad to be a part. We’ve been struck by the community of this church and the mission work. Favorite phrase: “We make much of Christ.” Cornerstone of who we should be. Connecting with Life Group via Zoom.
  • Mississippi College: Crazy turn of events. Gone online like almost all institutions. Faculty teaching and students working online. Incredibly encouraged. Professors praying with students over Zoom. Messages between faculty and students. Online for remainder of semester. Commencement will be postponed. Delayed not diminished. Will celebrate graduates.
  • CFA opening in August on MC campus. Working in a safe, approved way. Great amenity for the campus and community. Do not have to be a student or faculty to enjoy.
  • Missing community on the campus of everyone in one place.
  • Coronavirus Working Group: Team leading MC. Great decisions. Decisions in interest of students. Paying attention to those with expertise in area. Listens to Dr. Fauci, friendship with him.
  • Please keep us in your prayers, and as we are going about our work of not only academic excellence but the cause of Christ. Cherish those prayers.

Church Update

  • Maundy Thursday worship service at 7:00 PM. Online.
  • Easter worship service at 9:00 AM along with children’s activities and Life Groups.
  • Find ways to reach out. “Don’t Waste Your Shelter In Place Guide.”
  • Sunday: Worship outside. Share your pictures with #MHBCtogether.

Church Family Spotlight

  • Tim and Kim Golden are new grand-parents. Ben and Christy VanHorn enjoyed a drive by baby shower. MC roots for the family.
  • Jonathan and Ashley Moore, Missionaries. Daughter of Thad and Jan Harper. Just had 7th baby.

Word of Encouragement | Dr. Thompson

  • Jeremiah 29
  • We have hope and a future. We can’t see God’s plan out the windshield; we only get to see it in the rearview mirror.
  • We will look back and understand someday what His plan was, but we do have a hope and future because of that.

Prayer Requests

  • Buddy Calhoun, stroke.
  • Linda Parrot sister in hospital
  • Cherye Graves grandmother in hospital with possible coronavirus.

Closing Remarks

  • We love for you to share photos of your families using #MHBCtogether.
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  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Dr. Blake Thompson, President of Mississippi College


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