Episode 20: Texan Take Three

Everybody deals with good days, bad days, and schedule changes even more so during a pandemic. Dr. Greg shares an update on his family and the church, and encourages us to remember that even when it feels like God may be unaware of what’s happening in our lives, He is working out His glorious plan.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Greg Belser

  • Family ready to get back into some level of busyness that’s a little different from our current level of busyness. When the world shut down, we went from a fairly regular schedule to no schedule. Figuring out how best to do that. Physically fine. Emotionally fine but cope better on some days than others.
  • Walking. Walking. Walking.
  • Easter Update: Easter schedule was jeopardized. Steady as we go with a few tweaks. We had hoped on day one of this pandemic experience we would be back by Easter. But we were not, and we may not be for three or four more weeks depending on who you listen to. Trump would like economy back up and going. Originally scheduled through May 17 so wrapping my head around. Working under that umbrella of possibilities.
  • Staff pulling together. Reaching out to all our families. Overwhelming report from church family is positive. Enjoying broadcasts and podcasts.
  • Hoping to designate a day weekly to share a devotion similar to the Easter week devotions.
  • Schedule Changes: Elders meeting this week and will discuss criteria that we will use. Many churches are defying government recommendations. That has not been the approach of our church, and we will respect the governor. I would suggest we will probably continue to follow that recommendation. At some point, we may push back, for example, if they were to suggest no services until Labor Day. We want to gather as a church and continue to do what churches do, but not at the risk of people’s lives. No firm decision has been made. Will take in two to three week increments.
  • Getting Back: Possibly a phasing back in at some point. Not doing small groups right now except electronically, and that may be one of the the last things we bring back together. We want to get back to gather in worship services. Possibility might be to have three to four services with fewer people so they can spread out more, but may be too weird and artificial. We will find a way to figure it all out. I am eager to get back together, would like sooner, but we would not do anything rash or crazy. Eager to get going.
  • Worship At Home: #MHBCtogether. Families shared pictures of worshipping together at home for Easter.
  • Don’t Waste Your Shelter In Place: Don’t waste the opportunity of people wanting to talk about Easter and why it matters. Heightened level of fear, anxiety, loss of control, and the gospel speaks to that clearly. God is our Shepherd so we don’t have to be in charge of everything. Do things with neighbors and family that this extra time permits. Today, leave an encouraging note in a neighbor’s mailbox with a Bible verse.

Devotional | Dr. Greg

  • Habakkuk 1
  • Two more weeks of Old Testament workshop. New Testament workshop begins in the fall.
  • Verses 1 – 5: Habakkuk’s prophecy is custom made for a pandemic. The prophecy is only three chapters built around two questions. Habakkuk opens with this question –  Lord, things are terrible, how long will you wait to fix them? The Lord’s answers is to Habakkuk is to watch and be utterly amazed. I am doing a work that you would not believe if told. God’s ways are higher than man’s ways. He thinks thoughts that we don’t think. God understands things we don’t understand. God has a perfect plan, and He’s working His perfect plan.
  • Commend everyone to read the book of Habakkuk. It’s a short book. The first chapter offers a reminder that we don’t have to be in charge. He knows what He’s doing.
  • Even if looks like God is inactive or ignorant of the problem, He is not inept or ignorant. He is rather working His plan according to His will.
  • Convince God is great and doing marvelous things.


  • Peggy Ward
  • Jerry Parrott
  • Maurice King, lost wife Mary Francis

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Dr. Greg. Pastor of MHBC for over 15 years. Fan of  the University of Texas and Jackson Brown.
  • Thanks for joining. Like. Comment. Subscribe.
  • #MHBCtogether to share photos and videos.
  • We love our family.

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