Episode 21: Love, Laughter, Lowery

COVID-19 has not just had an impact on us here in the United States, but also our missionary friends around the world. Jeff and Olivia Lowery share an update from White Rock, British Columbia and remind us to take time to assess our spiritual foundation.


Guest Spot Highlight | Jeff and Olivia Lowery, Cornerstone Church, White Rock, BC

  • Family doing pretty well. Most days surprisingly good. Days that are difficult to be away from family and hear from a distance how they are doing.
  • Lord been very near to us during this time.
  • Olivia picked up her old hobby of baking. Jeff has cookies coming out of his ears.
  • Ministry Update: Because of where we are in the church planting process, most of what we’e been doing is face to face interactions. Quite a challenge now. Two groups we’ve been meeting with regularly for a couple of months (existing believers) to all learn and grow together in order to catalyze out to others and make a kingdom impact. Recently started a new group. Keeping up with the two groups is challenging but Zooming, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.
  • Keeping up with family frequently. Interesting to hear what is happening in MS with COVID-19 since a couple weeks behind us. Hope to come in November for US Thanksgiving.  Two opportunities to celebrate Thanksgiving (October and November). More food in US.
  • Folks in our community are typically pretty compliant with social distancing. More like a voluntary shelter in place. Doing well. In terms of staying connected, digital options. Early on, we felt like God was telling us to expand into a new area of ministry. Been working hard on ministry at our local gym, but don’t want to neglect neighbors/neighborhoods. Left quarantine care packages of hand sanitizer, roasted coffee, silly stuff on neighbor’s porches. (Jeff has gotten into roasting coffee.)

MHBC Update

  • Hopes that our MHBC church family might be able to meet Mid-May or Early June. Still waiting.
  • People using #MHBCtogether to share ways they are staying connected.

Devotional | Jeff Lowery

  • What struck me early on during the virus, was a passage from Philippians 4. Paul talks in a way that is pretty relatable to our current situation. Phil. 4:10.
  • Think he’s describing a season of lean ministry. Everything paired back. Little human interactions. Few needs. Similar to now. We don’t have what we once had.
  • God has sort of begun to remove all these false foundations under our feet and begun to reveal what we’ve been standing on all along.
  • Asking myself, “Have I been content or satisfied in other things beside Jesus?” God is making clear for us who we are standing on and where our joy is. Time of recalibration. History has had collective questioning.
  • Through all of this, as we’ve had things are moving away, Christians will know our foundation is Christ, but with the unprecedented scope of the calamity there will be unprecedented opportunity to share why it is we have hope.
  • Our hope is that each one of us will come to cherish Christ. Find contentment in Christ. When out of quarantine and people asking purpose in life, we want to be ready like 1 Peter 3 to give an account of the hope in us from Jesus.


  • Peggy Ward
  • Jerry Parrot
  • Maurice King, in the passing of his wife Mary Francis.

Closing Remarks

  • Jeff and Olivia, missionaries with NAMB and partners with MHBC. Longtime members and friends. Thank you for joining us.
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  • We love our family.

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Tim Peabody

Jeff & OIivia Lowery
Cornerstone Church, White Rock, BC


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