Episode 22: Souls Sharing in Seoul

Ministry looks quite a bit different during a pandemic. Stuart and Ashley Robinson share with us how they have found some creative ways to continue to outreach and serve the people they are ministering to in South Korea.


Guest Spot Highlight | Stuart and Ashley Robinson, Seoul, South Korea

  • Family been doing well. We are doing great. Mostly staying isolated. Little better here than in the states. Restrictions lifting. Fifty cases or less daily. 
  • We feel like we are living our life again. Still can’t meet as a church. No large gatherings. Gatherings are not banned but cautioned against. Restaurants and businesses open. Schools closed and online.
  • People wearing masks at all times on the street. Not wearing masks is socially unacceptable.
  • Ministry has been surprisingly good. Lots of opportunity to contact people more on social media platforms. Discipling a church in a neighboring city. Meet weekly to go through the Word and discuss tools of evangelism.
  • God has worked a lot. Haven’t been able to meet new people which is disappointing. Had hoped to start a small group at the university in March, but that is not happening. Attending a house church now that teammates started. Want us to begin a church that is Korean and in Korean. Looking for a place to meet. During coronavirus we found a place to meet. Sign on a cafe said “Closed on the Lord’s Day.” Got to know the cafe owner who were believers; they had hoped to have a church meet there. When we meet again and do communion for the first time, we have a place to meet.
  • Ashley’s sister attends MHBC and works at CFA in Madison. Mostly quarantined. Other two sisters live in Clovis, New Mexico. Middle sister had just become a substitute teacher – not working. Other sister is a pastor wife and they are doing online church and school. Parents fine. Mom staying fully quarantined. Dad working in Louisiana.
  • Stuart’s parents have escaped to the shores of Alabama to shelter in place. Sister is in Oxford and trying to get into vet school. She  has lost her job due to pandemic.

Church Update

  • No date for when we expect to start meeting again yet. Starting to have conversations what it would be like and what the procedures might be. Prayers for us as we make those decisions, who to listen to, policies etc. Heavy burden for those involved.

Community Connect | Seoul

  • Team lives on same street. Seeing each other during quarantine. Team bonding with board games and more. New members have come in the right windows of time. Getting to know them. Will help when things get busier.

Devotional | Tim Peabody

  • James 1:16
  • All have experienced a lot of change over the past few months. Everyone has experienced something that has been a blessing.
  • Very thankful to be stuck at house with family.
  • Find something to be thankful for – a gift from God.


  • Peggy Ward
  • Jerry Parrott
  • Gerald and Dottie Buchanan, in the loss of their daughter Donna Lucas

Closing Comments

  • So glad to have Stuart and Ashley!
  • Like. Subscribe. Comment. Share.
  • #MHBCtogether
  • Here everyday during the coronavirus shutdown.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Stuart & Ashley Robinson
Seoul, South Korea


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