Episode 23: Wonderful, Whimsical Waverly

Children brighten up any day, and today we’ve all had our day brightened with our visit from one of our elementary friends, Miss Waverly Renick. Not only will you love hearing what she’s being doing during the lockdown, you will love seeing her sweet smile and having your heart encouraged.


Guest Spot Highlight | Waverly Renick

  • Nickname is “Waver Lady” but real name is Waverly Renick. Daughter of Jacob and Sara Renick
  • 9 years old. Almost 10. 4th Grade.
  • Family Update: Mom has been putting up fence for a garden. Dad took us fishing a couple of mornings. Darcy has been making crafts. We’ve been reading books. We’ve had a very fun time.
  • Use to getting out of the house for violin and “oh yea” violin. Exercise in the morning. Most of the time we go outside because it’s been nice these past couple of weeks.
  • Memorizing Scripture – Psalm 46.
  • Tim: If you could ask any question of someone about coronavirus, what would it be? Waverly: “Why they think this has broken out maybe?” Not really paying attention to news.
  • Tim: What are you looking forward to about coming back to church? Looking forward to seeing friends and the people who come to church and love me and I love: Mr. Tim, Mrs. Paige, Mrs. Susan, Dr. Greg. A lot of people.
  • Video chatting with the Dawkins, missionaries in Barcelona. Yesterday we actually played Bible Trivia with them and before we’ve had a talent show. On the Bible trivia day, we dressed up as our favorite Bible characters, and it was a lot of fun. Silas and Sawyer dressed up as the same person, David. We had a Moses, a Joshua, two Goliaths. The dads were the Goliaths and the sons David. The other boy shot an acorn or something at my Dad and my Dad acted like he was falling down. (Insert sweet laughter)

Church Update

  • We are encouraging people to “Don’t Waste Your Shelter.” Today’s suggestion is send a gift card to a health care or retail worker who might be experiencing limited income right now or might be under a lot of extra stress. Medical workers are hero’s as well as retail helpers. So many people putting lives at risk to make sure we have what we need.


  • Jimmy Salina
  • Dale Parker, last immunology treatment

Devotional | Waverly Renick

  • Scripture Recitation of Psalm 46 from memory.
  • Music: Hymns on the violin (Be Thou My Vision/Amazing Grace) by Darcy Renick. Darcy has been playing violin since September. Her nickname is Darcy Lou.

Prayer Time | Waverly Renick

Closing Remarks | Tim Peabody
Thank you for joining us. Warms my heart to know what you are doing. Exciting to see how God is working in your lives and how God is using you to bring light and life to so many people.

  • Everybody is going to love this episode.
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  • This is Morrison Heights Family Connect.
  • Can’t forget Tom Rowden. Had a birthday Wednesday. Extremely competent at all he does, especially in audio and technology. Happy Birthday To Tom. Carrie, sorry Tom has been so busy during the coronavirus time. We love Tom!
  • We love our family.

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Waverly Renick


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