Episode 24: Dent’s Delightful Discussion

School must go on, and today, Terry Dent shares with us how he and his wife are continuing to teach during the coronavirus lockdown as well as what they have been up to lately when not at Chick-Fil-A! Don’t miss Terry’s word of encouragement as he reminds us of God’s beautiful promises.


Guest Spot Highlight | Terry Dent, Instructor at Clinton Junior High

  • Nancy and I doing well. We are teaching classes online. Busy everyday being with students and issues as we normally are just via internet. Busy but relaxed. Intervention on my garage so cleaning it out.
  • Some teachers doing Zoom. Love my students but sending out assignments and emails. Nancy teaches senior English and world literature. Seniors under more pressure with graduation coming. Need more interaction so Nancy does more Zoom.
  • We were glad to know one thing or the other in regards to school closing. We’ve been flexible. Clinton decided to continue doing what we’ve been doing. 1 to 1 technology. Can’t imagine being in a district that doesn’t have this technology.
  • Have cracked down on our cat’s education. Cat’s name is Sissy and sits in Nancy’s lap. Her iPad had pictures of other cats and little birds and fishes. Sissy got really into it to the point where she’d reach up and swipe back to the screen she liked. Do what you can. Teach who you can. Whoever is teachable.
  • Son Sam is doing fine. He’s in the doctoral applied math program at Florida State in Tallahassee. Teaches some classes. Gone online. Hasn’t come home and we’ve missed him. .Doing fine and sheltering in place. Playing video games.
  • We are all good! Still making morning run to Chick-Fil-A. Nancy and I have gone every morning since they opened. Had family time with son when it became a way to get him to get up, and it became a habit. Happy place. Didn’t mean to, but ended up there every single day.

Devotional | Terry Dent | “Burned”

  • Ps. 24:18
  • Terry read a devotional thought he had written years ago while at MC.
  • “We live in a world that burns us right at the most secure times. Even those of us in the arms of God are not promised exemptions from the flying coals of life. But we are promised God’s loving compassion. Never in God’s plan that we would be broken-hearted, crushed. But it has always been in His plan to hold us close, to save us. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. He saves those whose spirits have been crushed.”
  • In this time of isolation and being separated, know that God is close. And I hope that you will find Him to be that today.
  • Terry has written a book of devotionals.
  • Tim: Hearts going out to the seniors living in assisted living facilities. Our church has been going out and singing at Brookdale and Riggs and others.


  • Jimmy Salina, still in hospital
  • Dale Parker, celebrating finishing last round of cancer treatment.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for joining us, Terry!
  • Have a wonderful Friday.
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  • We love our family.

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