Episode 25: Properties Pristine Preparations

While many of us are ready to get back to normal, there is much that can be done when things slow down. Jake Harper shares how the properties staff is getting Morrison Heights ready for the day we can all meet together again, and Tim shares with us a reminder that while satan may accuse, God is there to extend grace.


Guest Spot Highlight | Jake Harper, MHBC Properties Manager

  • Family doing good. Kids are driving Brandee crazy because they want to stay inside and play video games, and she’s having them go out and ride bikes more. Activities shut down. No BMX for now. Evrett is the BMX rider. Took a bad crash but fine. Boys are Trevis, Mavrick, and Evrett. Sold pine straw for awhile so yard pretty well cleaned up.
  • Able to help Christopher Cunningham with his roof yesterday along with Ben Prevost. Storms came through. Heard lightening hit. Neighbors with Cunningham’s. Went through corner of Hardin’s room and chased a wire down the wall and blew the outlet out. Blew transformer for baby camera to pieces. No fire damage. Baby not in room. They were just getting home when it happened so everyone safe.
  • Properties Staff Busy: A lot we are not doing at the church right now frees up time to focus on other areas. James has been putting in serious hours cleaning carpets throughout entire building. Re-painting student building. Honing in on ways we can disinfect and keep the place clean in hopes of opening in the near future. Whole bunch of hand sanitizer on the way. Cleaning is crucial.
  • Tim: People’s habits will have to change for awhile. How we touch. What we allow our kids to lick.
  • Jake:  It’s going to be a weird Sunday morning when not shaking hands, but gotta do for a little while.
  • Tim: Favorite thing that James has done has been seeing him clean all the chairs in the Life Group
  • Jake: Noah Prather been helping. Place will be spotless when everyone comes back. Opportunity amongst all of this.
  • Tim: At this point, still don’t know what it will look like or when, but at least seems like in the near future we’ll be able to do something, maybe even on campus. Pray for elders and staff making those decisions and finding the right balance.

Devotional | Zechariah 3

  • Got called out by Dr. Greg for not finishing his Monday reading. This morning, I did complete my reading, and it’s a big one because it’s the last of our 35 weeks of reading in the Old Testament.
  • Reading a selection of verses. Chapter 3 is one of my favorite Bible passages.
  • Every person knows what it feels like to have satan standing beside them to accuse them. And the thing about what satan was saying to the high priest in this passage, in a sense, he wasn’t wrong. The high priest was wearing filthy clothes. We don’t know what satan was saying, but if he wasn’t wrong, he was at least lacking the foresight that God had. God knew the high priest , the most holy person in all of Israel, had on dirty clothes but was a burning stick snatched form the fire. We are all rescued by God’s grace. God knew those filthy clothes weren’t going to be on him forever. They removed the filthy clothes, put on clean garments, and gave a charge to walk uprightly.
  • Encouraging passage.


  • Matt Brown, mother not doing well after a fall and unable to have family with her at hospital
  • Emily Andrews, cousin in Vicksburg as coronavirus and the cousin’s husband passed away from the virus as well.
  • Jimmy Salina, improving but still in hospital.

Closing Remarks

  • Thanks for joining us, Jake!
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Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Jake Harper, Properties Manager


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