Episode 26: Genuine, Gracious, Gafford

Learning new things can be challenging, but many face those challenges head on and excel just like our senior adults. Larry Gafford shares with us today not only an update on his family but his Life Group as well which is one of our largest senior adult groups.


Guest Spot Highlight | Larry Gafford, MHBC Life Group Leader

  • Married to Charleene Gafford.
  • Big reader. Recommends The Cross of Christ by John Stott. Struggling with an N.T. Wright book as well on end times.

  • Family doing pretty good. Expanding: Charleene now has 16 great-grandchildren and number 17 is on the way. Some live in the Dallas area, but Larry’s children live in Alabama. When all together at the house with Charleene’s family, it gets noisy. Can’t always get 20 folks in though.
  • Staying home quite a bit. Emptying the freezer. Get out a little bit to avoid stir crazy. Get out to buy groceries. Managing. Yard work and tending tomato plants.
  • Life Group meetings on Zoom going quite well. Last Sunday 42 people. Entering in quite well. Something different, but feel like it’s worth the effort, and keeps the class together on some level. Better than nothing.
  • To my knowledge, no one in our group has gotten the virus. All are senior adults, over 65, quite a few at 80 years old, but doing pretty good. That age group is always going to be, it seems, as one with physical difficulties, but right now the entire group is coping quite well with the current situation. Higher risk for virus and falls.
  • Tim: No one in our church has it. Tested negative. But extended family members of our church family have had it.
  • Technology can be overwhelming but senior adults have entered in very well. Amaze me with things they can do and want to do. Life experiences really rich.

#MHBCtogether Pictures

  • Mechatto family
  • David and Alisa
  • Gilliam Family
  • Sanders, Parke, Cole Life Group with Jack Santos in Peru

Church Update

  • Still waiting. Doing virtual Sunday schedule. Not yet at point to meet together. Praying for those making that decision. Process to open up. Not one Sunday and everyone here.
  • Larry: Very impressed with way things have been handled and involvement with the staff. So many contacts been made with community at large.
  • Tim: Calling our members. 97% doing fine. A few could use some help so good to connect and see what our church can do to help. Church not been dramatically affected health wise.


  • Matt Brown, his mother
  • Peggy Ward
  • Jerry Parrott
  • Jimmy Salina
  • Jeremy and Amanda Pittman, birth of son Aiden

Devotional | Tim  Peabody

  • Mark 10
  • So many of us are thinking “I have to make a plan. How to protect family. Figure out what government doing right now.” So many questions. Not a bad thing.
  • But when comes to the kingdom of God, it  is not establish by smart plans or disciplined workers but humble, child-like faith. Come as a child.

Closing Remarks

  • Second Harvest is open and needs food. Drop off at Student Building.
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  • We love our family!

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Larry Gafford


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