Episode 27: Faith-Filled Floyds

Serving in missions during a pandemic brings a unique set of challenges to those serving others. Paul and Rhonda Floyd share how they are containing to minister to their church and community during this time.


Guest Spot Highlight | Paul and Rhonda Floyd, High Plains Fellowship – Lamar, Colorado

  • Longtime members of Morrison Heights. Moved as missionaries to SE Colorado.
  • Doing very well. Leading High Plains Fellowship. Working medical profession too. Been crazy and different. Paul’s job as chaplain with Lamar Hospice as calmed down due to the virus. Since don’t have a Tom, Laura, or Eric, he does all his own video recording and editing so busier than before with church. Strange but good. Rhonda’s work has been different. As a hospice nurse, she is still caring for patients but they have changed how they do things. Working alternate schedules. Seeing patients next week.
  • Cleaned house one room a day.  Making lots of ministry phones calls. Staying in touch with people. Ministering to people over the phone and having lunch with a few who are not afraid to get together.
  • Son is in Clinton. Daughter lives in Memphis. Both are doing well. Son working from home. Daughter is a nurse at Baptist Hospital in Memphis. Not working with Covid patients. Mother is in assisted living in Meridian. Praying God’s protection for her. Covet prayers for her protection. Hard to be away knowing family could be sick.
  • Church has been different during outbreak. Being very careful to use public domain hymns. Set good examples. Usually go Friday night to record music. Took two hours first go and Rhonda’s voice tired, but Paul could play guitar and never wear out. Saturday is treated like Sunday. Go to empty church and preach to the phone. Takes longer to do with set up and sound etc. Spends rest of day editing and bringing in songs. Technically labor intensive.
  • Haven’t lost touch with church family. Call weekly. Encourage them to call one another. Started a private page on Facebook to share requests and communicate. Encouraged by how our people are handling it. People are independent and pioneer minded. When things get tough, they do what needs to be done with very little complaint.
  • Been in Lamar four years April 23. NAM funding is now only for our years so as of the end of March their funding as expired. Flying solo. “Money has never worried me; God has always provided. Thank you to Morrison Heights for supporting us. No idea how much it means to us. Money has gone to help so many in community.”
  • What have people done in Lamar to connect during Covid? Some neighborhoods are going outside at night and howling. Not participating in that. HAHA. People have taken up opportunities to make homemade masks and to support local businesses. Rhonda reaching out to let people know they are available if anything is needed. Food pantry has increased need.

Prayer Requests

  • Jimmy Salina
  • Matt Brown, Mother
  • Peggy Ward
  • Jerry Parrot
  • Jeremy and Amanda Pittman, new baby

Devotional | Paul Floyd

  • Never know what God is going to show you when you open Scripture. Always timely and relevant. Skimmed Bible the other day and opened to Psalm 16:5-9.
  • Maybe I’m weird, but I see this whole Covid thing as a time for us to point to Jesus and just celebrate. People suffering and sick, but God is still in control and allowed to happen for a reason. May not be happy with the circumstances, but we are filled with joy. Our hearts exalts in God for who He is and what He’s done for us.
  • Take advantage of this time. Point to Jesus and proclaim sovereignty of God. Don’t miss the opportunity.
  • Feel burdened to share with MHBC. Seize the moment and share the hope.
  • Read, pray, and meditate on Psalm 16.

Prayer | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

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  • We love our family.

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