Episode 28: Hudson’s Helpful Heart

People serving in ministry are all ages – from children to adults. Today, Hudson Shotts, one our very own students in our Student Ministry shares how he is planning to serve this summer, and how he’s been making the most of this extra time he’s been given.


Guest Spot Highlight | Hudson Shotts, MHBC Student Ministry

  • Family doing well. Staying home. Trying to work when we can. Stay our faith. Keep each other sane.
  • Outside of school, working on  D-Groups, Scripture reading, staying connected in student ministry.
  • Junior year. School work is a little tougher. “Some classes I can sit and just focus, but with AP Chemistry, AP US History, AP English it can be hard without teacher there.”
  • Connecting with church by tuning into student Zoom meetings on Sundays and Wednesday. Guest speakers and enjoying hearing other perspectives. Sharing youth testimonies.
  • Headed to Hazard, Kentucky to work at Camp Nathanial this summer. Serves elementary grades to high school. Fell in love with the people and church associated with it during student spring break trip. Feel it’s what God wants him to do. Next big step. Thankful to minister at a young age. Spending summer at Camp Nathanial. Working a variety of positions from counselor to maintenance to activities director. Summer looks a little different due to the virus.
  • Tim: What do you miss most about school right now.
  • Hudson: Honestly, I miss my teachers – history, chemistry, cross country coach.
  • Tim: What’s your family doing with extra time?
  • Hudson: Stretched Disney plus dry. Looking up recipes to cook. Cooking a lot of Mexican food.

Church Update

  • Putting together a team to advise us on resuming activities. Everything up in air. New guidelines each week. Paying attention. Want to make wise, Godly decisions. Pray for this team.
  • Sunday morning schedule as normal for next few weeks.
  • Many people are connecting online. Might be a little tired of Zoom meetings, but thankful we can still get together.

Devotional | Tim Peabody

  • Mark 5: 24 – 34
  • Sin constantly touches so many things in our world and can entangle us.
  • A virus can be a metaphor for sin. It’s very hard to escape, and it seems to contaminate everything. But Christ is our healer and has the power to heal from the virus, but even more importantly, He has the power to cleanse our souls from sin.


  • The Parrott Family, Jerry passed away Wednesday morning
  • Matt Brown, mother in hospital
  • Peggy Ward
  • Jimmy Salina

Closing Remarks

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  • Share photos and videos. #MHBCtogether
  • Like. Comment. Share.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Hudson Shotts


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