Episode 29: Admin Appreciation Abounding

So many valuable people and their work behind the scenes during a virus lockdown often goes unnoticed. We are excited to have in the spotlight today one of our very own staff members, Dalton Frasier who not only shares how life at home and at church have been going, but how even in life’s most anxious moments, God will carry us through.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dalton Frasier, MHBC Administrative Office Manager

  • Married to Andraya. Soon to be father to a son named Silas.
  • Dalton: “Weird being on this side of the camera. Don’t know what to do with my hands. Going solo today with no notes on the whiteboard.”
  • We are making it, but there is a lot going on. We’ve been going along. Andraya is a nurse at Internal Medicine and Pediatric Associates. Loves it. Working a fairly normal schedule. Seeing potential Covid patients. To limit her exposure due to pregnancy, being allowed to come home in the afternoons to stay safe.
  • As office manager: keep stock of supplies, scheduling room use, creates bulletin, everything that others don’t want to do funnels to my office. Been helping with podcast. Not many phone calls. Monitoring people in and out as needed. Paying bills.
  • Tim: He’s Jim from The Office when it comes to coolness.
  • Son, Silas Zachary, will make his arrival this summer. Super excited. Due July 7. Going on lots of walks. So many people walking so dogs go nuts.  Enjoying 3D printing. Prize creation is his t-rex which is just over three feet in length. Printing a mobile for Silas. Been working on Silas’ room painting Calvin and Hobbes scene. Working on his room little by little. Doing as much as we can with as little as we have due to the virus. Jack of all trades.
  • Was in Air National Guard up until last summer. Load master on C-17’s. Good part of life for six years. Lots of traveling involved. “Served my country. Love these people; they are doing awesome work right now.” Still possible I could re-called. If needed, I’d go back, but wanted to be with family and pursue serving at church.

Church Update

  • Nothing on calendar right now.
  • Pray for those tasked with making decisions and advising the church about re-opening.
  • Wednesday was Administrative Professional Appreciation Day. Assistants are a pivotal part of what we do. Dalton and Tom went to their houses and delivered goodies. Hope they feel appreciated.

Devotional | Dalton Fraiser

  • Andrea and I miss going to eat. Adventurous eaters. Not able to do lately. Missing from our everyday routine.
  • One thing we struggle with is that feeling of “When is this going to end?” “When will things get back to normal?”,  “When do I get I go to Ichiban to get a Flowood roll?” “When will we be back in society.”, “What will society look like?”  Lots of anxiety and stress surrounding all this. Sure the same for a lot of people. These are things we feel uncomfortable about. Have to ask ourselves how to deal with all this.
  • Psalm 56:3 | ”When I’m afraid, I put my trust in You.” Easy fix to a lot of things. But the question then is is my anxiety wrong. Am I wrong to feel anxious? The Bible says God is there to understand and comfort our anxiety.  1 Peter 5:7
  • Have learned in three years of marriage, validation is key. Just because I don[t feel that doesn’t mean it’s not real. If, for example, Andraya is feeling anxious because we have no Lysol in the house, I can’t say you’re wrong. I have to understand it’s a real thing she’s going through. Not a bad thing. We work through this in the same way in our relationship to the Lord.
  • How do we fight the anxiety?  How do we push back? Fight against the unbelief. Faith should get you thought the moments of anxiety.
  • God is going to get us through this. His plan will work out either way. If our faith is in the Lord, He will carry us through.


  • The Parrott Family, loss of Jerry on Wednesday morning.

Closing Remarks

  • Community shout out to Arrow Nutrition. Paying it forward. Serving free teas to EMTS, first responders, hospital workers, fire department, and more.
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  • Share photos and videos: #MHBCtogether.
  • We love our family.

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Dalton Frasier


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