Episode 30: Christ Confident

While our lives and the church may not be where we thought or would like, we are looking forward with hope to the days ahead. Dr. Greg shares with us an update on church life, church decisions, and how we must never lose our steadfast confidence in the Lord.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Greg Belser, MHBC Senior Pastor

  • Susan and I are fabulous.
  • Didn’t watch the draft. Read about the draft.
  • Things are about the same this week as last week with church. Aware of the Governor’s new order which began today at 8:00 AM. Safer In Place. Doesn’t impact MHBC differently. Anticipating when Governor’s order expires May 11 that he will lessen restrictions. Personally, I believe he won’t lessen the restrictions that will allow a church our side and complexity to go back to 70 miles an hour. Expect that it will probably last through entire month of May. In my mind, hoping/planning for June 1. If we can be back open and in business by May 31, that would be fabulous.
  • Tim: Do you see us having a change in services? More services?
  • Dr. Greg: I have asked Dr. Scrivener to lead a task force. 5 staff and 5 lay people. 2 are medical doctors. Could get larger. Have asked them to offer advice to the elders. Elders will ultimately make decision.  Taskforce will help us think through. Lots of moving parts. Needs of preschoolers and children are different from their parents, but it all connects together as we are the same church. Lots of questions. Taskforce will look into that and the complexities. Still too early to say. When we reach the point of opening, ample notice will be given and clear communication on the what and how. Procedural changes will be implemented. One of my concerns that I will help people deal with is that some will be less fearful and some will be just as fearful. Some will be happy go lucky and want to shake hands. Others will give it up. Careful to not judge or have hard feelings or think people are peculiar. Can’t judge. Get along. Give people time and space.
  • Tim: 80-90% of people at Home Depot wearing masks. Is it okay for people to wear masks and gloves when we come back if they prefer?
  • Dr. Greg: Absolutely. I’m Texan and male so grew up with notion of cowboys and Native Americans. I’ve watched a lot of masked men back in the day, so I suspect it will be that way. Won’t be wearing a bandana though.
  • Tim: Hard task for the task force. Inviting everyone to pray for that team and the leadership of the church making that decision.
  • Tim: Anything other than that regarding church calendar or upcoming things?
  • Dr. Greg: Normally, here we are at the end of April, we’d be anticipating the church picnic. Disappointing. OT workshop has concluded. Thank you, Tim for heading that up. If you missed Malachi, go back and watch. Finished a preaching workshop with thirteen young men led by Tim, Drew, and myself. We’ve come to conclusion of several things and because of shutdown, the things we were going to launch into had to be put on hold. Summer activities are on hold: VBS, Kids Camp, Youth Events. Choir tour has been cancelled. Regular rhythm of church interrupted. Hoping for some semblance of normal by August. New normal. People will say “This is Morrison Heights.”
  • Tim; #MHBCtogether pictures. Kyser and Gilliam family. People have been doing well and adjusting well.

Devotion | Dr. Greg

  • Psalm 27: 1 – 3
  • Reminds us of what we need to keep saying to our heart. Christians are not insulated from trouble. There will be enemies, foes, and trials that will come against us. David concludes by saying, “Even then I will be confident.” Hope is not in the absence of problems. Our hope is in our God who is greater than our problems. Even when the resolution to those problems doesn’t go the way we would choose, nonetheless the Lord is the Lord. We are confident in the Lord. We don’t lessen our grip on the Lord. “Even then will I be confident.

Prayer | Dr. Greg

Closing Remarks

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  • We love our family.

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