Episode 31: Vet’s Valuable Virtual Visit

We all worry about our family and friends during the coronavirus lockdown, but many of us also worry about our beloved four legged friends. Dr. Richard Gill encourages us today not only with good news for our pets during this time, but also with the reminder that God is good and in control, and from that, we can gather peace.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Richard Gill, MHBC Elder and Veterinarian

  • Family doing well. Been an adjustment. Tolerating. Handling things well. Son handling things very well. Got engaged this weekend. Everybody excited. Daughter in Memphis. Married for a year. They are quarantined. Ready for normal. Daughter has called much more during this time.
  • Able to work. Doing curbside. Only four legged patients come in. Fortunate to work. Staying busy.
  • Connecting with church with Zoom Sunday school meetings. Learning Zoom has been an event. Good group each Sunday. Not good all this has happened, but great we can stay in touch.
  • Elder Meetings. Thought is when can we get back to normal. Depends on the governor and the virus. We understand some won’t feel comfortable when we start back. As soon as we can get back is our goal.
  • Tim: So can dogs get the coronavirus?
  • Dr. Gill: At this point, don’t think dogs can get the virus. Couple of cats have gotten it. Thought is if you have Covid-19, social distance from your pet. Precaution. Not really any evidence it can go from dog to you or you to dog. Don’t know a lot so we use caution. Mild symptoms with the cats. Do not know of any dogs or cats that have died. Don’t think it’s happening at all the passing of the virus from pets to people If you think your pet has the virus, you can have a special test scheduled. Supportive treatment for pets. No anti-viral drug for pets either. Chances very slim that your dog would ever show up with coronavirus. Pollen bothers dogs too, so they can sound sick. Same things that affect us, affect them.
  • Church going well. Handling well. Doing a lot differently. Family doing things they haven’t done before.

Community Spotlight | Children’s Ministry Cards

  • Cards for our senior adults.
  • Caitlin and Meghan Brown
  • Abigail and Chloe Senior

Devotional | Dr. Richard Gill

  • Matthew 6: 25 – 34
  • Easy to read and know it’s true, but really internalizing it, and living your life this way is difficult. This is a different time. Spiritually I’ve never been this long in my life not meeting in church or in person. We gather strength by getting together in a group. Spiritual and economic concerns. Fear is how it will affect us six months down the road. Physically it’s a bad disease, and we have family members and ourselves at risk. This virus hits us on all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically.
  • Natural to have fears. This didn’t happen without God knowing. He knows. He’s in control
  • As Christians, we may worry, but we should be able to gather that peace. Good things: family time, people turning to Christ.


  • Allen Miley, surgery
  • Billy Phillips, loss of his father

Closing Remarks

  • Dr. Gill: Bible reading group went well with men’s mentoring group. Good participation. Do again next semester.
  • Tim: Appreciate you doing that.
  • RA Derby Day is THIS Sunday, May 3 at 6:00 PM. MHBC Elementary Kids Group.
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  • #MHBCtogether.
  • We Love Our Family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Dr. Richard Gill, MHBC Elder and Veterinarian


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