Episode 34: On Offering Obedience

Isolation doesn’t mean you can’t be faithful to your calling whether at home or abroad. Today, Clay and Melissa share with us an update on their family and their ministry. Clay also reminds us that even during this time of quarantine, obedience is still required and commanded.


Guest Spot Highlight | Clay and Melissa, Workers In Central Asia

  • Family doing good. Been quite a bit of a change since coming home. Have been inundated with culture shock. Then so much rain. And now quarantine. Ready to go back.
  • Staying with family in Wesson. Busy with seminary classes. Clay taking four classes. Melissa taking one. Melissa will finish up this semester, and Clay this summer. Kids are spending time with grandparents, doing schoolwork, enjoying hanging out. Whit, 11; Rachel, 10; Piper, 8.
  • Many times we have visited villages to just share. God’s hand has been working opening up ideas for the people regarding Christian burials in Central Asia. Met with different people. Working with a fellowship in dire need of help for discipleship and male leadership. Working with leaders in capital city. Been quite interesting.
  • Couldn’t do our work without our church family. The support,  both monetary and prayer, is amazing. Like everyone feels isolated during quarantine, we feel that way over there. We may go weeks not hearing from people. Good to communicate with people back home.
  • Hope to go back in October. Difficulty getting all of our requirements finalized due to the quarantine. Breakthrough yesterday so hoping to move forward.

Devotional | Clay

  • Does our isolation hinder our obedience to God or put it in the corner? Been studying Deuteronomy looking at the theme of obedience. Moses gave three different message to the Israelites. Final message in Deut. 30.
  • God calls us to obey. John 14:15. If we love Him, we will do what He commands. We do this in love. Shows the intimacy we have in Christ.
  • Act of worship. Bodies are a living sacrifice. Worship to Him. Total submission.
  • Deut. 30:9. God will take delight. God rejoices in our obedience to Him. Need to be obedient in our love to Him.
  • Even though isolated, we can still do ministry and still be obedient. Communicate with those in your ministry. Obey because we love Him.

Prayer | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

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