Episode 35: Restrictions, Relationships, Rejoicing

What an encouragement to know that even during lockdown, the Gospel can be shared with others. Our missionaries are being given unique opportunities to build new relationships as they minister during this time. David and Laura share with us an update on their ministry in Spain, and how we always apply God’s grace to our current situation and continue to rejoice.


Guest Spot Highlight | David and Laura, Missionaries to Barcelona, Spain

  • Longtime friends of MHBC.
  • David served as a journeyman in Peru. Laura served in Africa. Both supported by MHBC.
  • Married 2007. Overseas since 2010. Serving in Spain but still working with south Asians. Very difficult for these people to hear the Gospel.
  • Big city. Hard hit by coronavirus. Locked down for seven weeks. First six weeks, children not allowed to leave apartment at all. They could leave for medical, grocery, and pharmacy. Had to have a paper to go out. This weekend began lifting heavy restriction. Still only out for an hour a day. Parks are closed. Don’t want families visiting together. Kids don’t want to just go for walk so much more content in house. Predominately boy household: Jude, 9; Silas, 8; Asher, 5; and Sophia, 8 months old.
  • Whatever the situation, ask – “Can I apply God’s grace to this?” And you can! Spending a lot of time on outside balcony to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.
  • With us being seriously locked down, the police would come up and ask for your papers. They gave a lot of fines and tickets to people. Connecting with people has to be over voice message and text message. Different way but good. Still time to encourage. Leading a church online. Contacting members weekly.
  • Gospel being shared across balconies in international community. Every night they go out to balcony and clap for health care workers. Gotten to know neighbors they didn’t know before since sitting out on balcony. FaceTime party with the Renick family each week.

Church Update

  • Taskforce working on plans for re-opening. Dr. Greg has expressed hope that by end of May we might be able to have meetings on campus. Praying God will give us a way forward.
  • Plugging away. Thank you for sticking with us.

Prayer Requests

  • Jeff Lowery, loss of grandfather.
  • Olivia Lowery, father recovering from coronavirus
  • Terry Burnham, father
  • Carolyn Heiden, surgery tomorrow

Devotional | David

  • Men’s Bible study every Thursday since September. Going through Philippians.
  • Philippians written by Paul while in jail for about two years and under house arrest. During this quarantine, we’ve continued to look at this book.
  • Phil. 4. Rejoice always. Think of Paul writing that in midst of Roman prison and then house arrest for two years. Yet still his message was to rejoice. Good word for us.
  • Easy to focus on ourselves. Need to remember that we can find joy in Christ. Worthy to be praised. Think of others. Pray for them. Connection to global church and seeing harder needs has helped us to feel the global-ness of this pandemic and think about the relations to the seasons of life we go through. Doesn’t just apply to us but to all our brothers and sisters in difficult times. Many don’t know how the Lord will provide, but He does.
  • Pray for those who work for a day to buy food just for that day. Many are hurting.

Prayer | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

David & Laura
Barcelona, Spain


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