Episode 36: Soul-Searching Stevens

Staying at home can be a great time to not only get things done, but to also slow down and do some self-evaluating. Casey Stevens has been busy at home and shares today and update on his family and reminds us to take advantage of this time and to ensure that nothing compares with our relationship with Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Casey Stevens, Deacon and Occupational Therapist

  • Work: OT at the VA Medical Center. Clinic not allowing patients in hospital. Working from home doing telehealth. Educating people on what to do, not to do. Evaluating. Sending supplies. Following up. Harder but people appreciative we can do something. Unsure when hospital will open back up. Clinic will begin to transition people back end of the month.
  • Home a lot. Wife, Chesney very glad for him to be home especially since he can help holding their two year old.  Doing good. Having fun. Bought an older house in November so working on projects. Most proud of the stairs they’ve re-done. Sons are Alek and Micah. Alek is doing Zoom classes with Magnolia Speech School every day. Micah just runs general interference through the house.
  • Got Alek a motorbike for Christmas. Been riding a lot with him. Broke in the country this week. Speed set as low as it will go. Everyone needs a toy like this.
  • Connecting with church by watching videos online. Micah enjoys singing and feeding his snack to the computer screen. We sing and listen. Staying connecting with Life Groups and Marco Polo. Chesney had a Zoom fried rice lesson with Jane Johnston. Life Group ladies making lots of homemade bread.
  • Saw a video Erin Kate had posted. Wanted Jim Goode who plays bag pipes in our yard. Asked Lacey and Tonia to come sing, and we had a whole service with singing and bag pipes. Lots of neighbors in front yards. Everyone kept distance. Cars wrapped around listening.
  • Deacon ministry: Ministering to the widows and widowers in our church. Small group of ladies to check in on. Best group. Wonderful ladies. They call and check on Casey as well. Our senior adults look after each other really well and are so pleased with how people are caring for them.

Prayer Requests

  • Jeff and Olivia Lowery
  • Elaine Molt
  • Mike Cashion, fell through his roof

Devotional | Casey Stevens

  • Doing much soul searching and thinking. Have realized, but always known, I love people, activities, events, groups. When that was taken away, had to think hard about where my heart was and what I desired. At certain points, had to realize I wanted activities more than Christ. Been convicted. Lord has used hard things to make us better.
  • Psalm 73:23 – 25 | Psalm 16
  • Want this to be cry of my heart – to desire nothing more than Christ even if other things are good. But nothing should compare with our personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Philippians 3
  • Look within. Nothing compares to the value of who Christ is and what He has done for us.
  • These times are hard, but give us time to re-evaluate. As Dr. Greg says, lean in to Him.

Closing Remarks

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  • We Love Our Family.

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