Episode 38: Donna’s Donation Dedication

Coronavirus may be keeping you at home, but it doesn’t have to keep you from serving others. Donna Pierce shares how she has kept busy during this time serving others because we are all capable of giving.


Guest Spot Highlight | Donna Pierce, Active Volunteer/Leader

  • Family doing great. Husband on immune suppressants so been home since March 13. Sheltered in a safe place. He may be stir cray, but this is a great test of relationships. We’ve only argued once so that’s a win!
  • College age daughter. Came home first week of shelter in place. Now back in Nashville. 28 year old son, wife Heather is a teacher at Northside. Son and wife have grand-baby Finley, 8 months old. Our first grand-baby. Getting to see her some now.
  • Planning to go to New Zealand next summer to hunt mountain animals. Will helicopter in and then jump out to their hunting spot.
  • Coronavirus has kicked her into high gear. Making masks. MSU most popular style. Has made over 300 masks to sell. Money is donated to church for Second Harvest. Free to healthcare workers.
  • Organized a food drive. Plan was to donate to Second Harvest and to MS Food Network. Spoke with Tim Rowan Decided to donate to church and keep in our community. Two days to pull off. Sent out to her neighborhood. Very successful.
  • Organized a blood drive. Sent out email to neighborhood again. Have to have appt. to give blood. 26 spots filled. 17 pints of blood donated.
  • Tim: You’ve been busy. Student Building being re-painted so we’ve been busy here too. Glad to see green paint going.
  • Donna: We all have a gift. Just do. Learned from my grandmother. We are all capable of giving. Just find out what that gift is and do it.

Church Update

  • Congratulations Class of 2020!

Devotional | Donna Pierce

  • Acts 20:35
  • “More blessed to give than to receive.”
  • Tim: You have certainly done that and we thank you.
  • Donna: Be inspired. I can’t be in the hospital, but I can sew or organize.


Bridget Mraz, recovering from surgery

Anastasia Coleman

Closing Remarks

  • Thanks for joining us, Donna!
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  • #MHBCtogether
  • We Love Our Family.

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