Episode 39: Making Melodious Music

Music plays an incredibly important role in the life of our church. Today, Kathy Langworthy shares with us how she is working, planning, and serving in our music department while we are unable to meet. She also shares a comforting reminder from Scripture and the ageless, wonderful hymn, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow.”


Guest Spot Highlight | Kathy Langworthy, Music Assistant/Office Coordinator

  • Served at MHBC since 1990.
  • Family doing well. Daughter Jordan teaching online. Choral director at Germantown High School. Tori works for Woodward Hines Education Foundation – Get 2 College. Working from home. Doing Zoom, working with counselors, helping students fill out FAFSA. Tori and her finance at home with me.
  • Wedding coming up July 18. On wait and see. Bouncing ideas. Waiting to see what’s allowed.
  • Work has been busy, but completely different. Use to being with people. Right now keeping touch via phone and Zoom. Writing literature for fall for our children. Miss children’s choir so bad. Working on theme for next year. When and if we get back together, we will focus on “Building Our Life On You.”  Working on the activities, games, music. Big planner so this is rocking my world since can’t plan in advance. So have a plan but it may or may not happen.
  • Orchestra has had several Zoom meetings. Working on a project of virtual orchestra. Eric working his magic and putting all together. Hope it will glorify God. Hoping to have done by May 24. Lots of videos to splice together.
  • Lead senior adult choir. Been calling groups of ten each week. Made some toilet paper runs and pharmacy runs for them. Making sure they are okay. Catching up. They miss being with each other.

Devotional | Kathy Langworthy

  • Working on a project with bird seed recently. Finished project and still had so much left. Went to hardware store and got a bird feeder to put up right before the pandemic hit. Birds and their families been hanging out. Bird watching has become a popular hobby for people. Talking to birds with a phone app. Enjoying watching birds.
  • Made me think of a Scripture up in my house – Matthew 10:29 – 31.
  • God considers the sparrow. Weren’t valued in Biblical times. But a sparrow doesn’t fall that God doesn’t know about. He tells us we are much more valuable.
  • It doesn’t go unnoticed what is happening to the sparrow or to me.
  • Story of Doolittle family. What is your secret? His eye is on the sparrow and I know he’s watching me. Musician, Civilla Durfee Martin, pondered that and out of it came a beautiful hymn, “His Eye Is On the Sparrow.”
  • He knows what’s going on in our lives. He’s helping. He’s fighting. Continues to bless.

Prayer | Tim Peabody

  • Bridget Mraz, recovering from surgery
  • Anastasia Coleman

Closing Remarks

  • Thanks for joining us, Kathy!
  • Congratulations and blessings to Tori on her upcoming wedding.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Kathy Langworthy


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