Episode 40: Silly Songs Soothe

Uncertain times are hard for everyone, but they can be especially hard on children. Kristie Dabbs shares today how she is loving and caring for her family and children during this time, and offers a word of encouragement by reminding us that we always have the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


Guest Spot Highlight | Kristie Dabbs, Wife, Mom, Singer-Songwriter

  • Married to Drew Dabbs, College Minister. Two children: Isaac (3)  and Nathan (Almost 1). Never expected to have two red-headed kids. Family doing well. Bit of an adjustment. Stay at home mom. Home a lot. Since this happened, we realize we didn’t stay home as much as we thought. Went out daily. Playing outside. Breaking day up inside and out. Mrs. Norma Jean Scrivener brings a bag of activities every two weeks so been fun. Trading toys with friends. Been sweet.
  • Masks have been interesting. Nathan doesn’t care as long as he has food and a place to sleep. Isaac, 3, is old enough to be aware things are different. Doesn’t know why. Tried to explain but freaked him out. Backtracked. Talk a lot. Re-assure a lot. Limited understanding. At early pandemic stages, he fell and busted head open. Typically loves going to the doctor, and they are his friends. This time was different and people masked and suited up. Strange. Issac really freaked out. Wanted to help him not be so afraid of changes. Wrote a song for Isaac – “Behind every mask there’s a friendly face.”
  • Connecting with church family. Singing for worship services. Started a weekly ladies Zoom group to just hang out and talk. Talking together about God. Fourteen girls. Based off of the IF Table – guided discussion.

Church Update

  • Taskforce has met. Meetings and discussions still going on. Possible we may have some services on campus May 31.
  • Podcast Update: People going back to work and things picking up at the church so moving to three days a week. Things moving in the right direction. Airing Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting this week.


  • Bill Boyles, surgery
  • Terry Burnham, dad in hospital.

Devotional | Kristie Dabbs

  • Acts 5: 27 – 32
  • “We are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit.” Time of doubt for many people. Uncertain times. Questioning things about life and the Lord.
  • Comforting to be reminded that we have the Holy Spirit. He was a witness and saw the things that happened to Jesus. That same person is in me. When I may start to doubt or not feel assured in my faith, I have the Holy Spirit who saw what Christ did.

Closing Remarks

  • Podcast now three times a week.
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  • #MHBCtogether.
  • We Love Our Family.

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