Episode 41: Belser’s Bytes

With hope and encouragement, we are looking ahead with anticipation to the day we can gather back together. Dr. Greg shares a brief update on what church might look like when we return and reminds us that our priority in good times and bad is to be a worshipper of Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor

  • Family doing great. Great Mother’s Day. Looking forward to a new week. Daughter’s on the tribute video was a surprise to me, and the girls delighted surprising him.
  • Church Update: Continuing efforts to try and get re-open. Two things. One in our control. One is not. Main thing not in our control is what the governor will allow us to do. Requirements currently are no indoor gatherings of more than 10 or 20 outdoors. Don’t fit that category. In Neutral. Waiting for order change and anticipating good news there in the next week or so. Second thing we are in control of is our own preps and communication. It will take us a few days. A lot has to be undone.  Perfect world we could open May 31 but don’t know if that is the case. We hope, but don’t know. Worst case June 6. Hope to not go much longer.
  • Meeting on campus first time we will do Sunday morning worship only. Planning for two service. Expect people will begin to trickle back in, not flood back in. We want them to flood in, but as we have said, no two persons view this experience with the same level of anxiety. Some will be ready and some will be hesitant. We understand. Will not force people. Encourage high risk to stay home. If sick, we don’t want to see you. Coming to church sick has never made sense and makes less sense now. No childcare. No small groups. Probably for month of June. People aren’t ready. This will not be how we do church for all of 2020. In MS, churches are eager to open. Grateful for Governor’s view but want to meet as soon as possible, but not one day before when we should.
  • Looking At Romans 14: Will be difficult to love one another as our opinions differ on this. We would all do well to keep Romans 14 in mind. It’s the blueprint for handling issues of conscience. There will be people who will say, “I can’t believe people think or feel that way.” In matters of conscience, Bible doesn’t give explicit right or wrong direction. Conscience should bind you. We aren’t determine the strong or weak case. If you consider yourself to be strong, the right position, then it is your obligation under God to carry the weak. We have to carry the person whose conscience is not bound the way yours is. Urge every family to read Romans 14. Understand the implications for re-opening the church. Go back to the Bible. Give grace.
  • Israel Trip Update: Was suppose to be leaving this week. Postponed for one year. Hosting same trip twelve months from now. Regretting waiting until older to go visit Israel. Commend this trip. Dr. Parke will make it all the better for us to go.

Activities and Updates | Tim and Dr. Greg

  • Second Harvest still going strong. Desperate need for food.
  • Dr. Greg conducted first pandemic weddings last week: Adam Jackson, son of Kevin and Laura Jackson and Callen DeYoung, daughter of Danny and Paula DeYoung. Just family. Live streamed. Reception later in August. A first. Both are students.
  • Going forward, we normally focus on high school graduations. Notice our high school graduates on our church Facebook feed. Sweet to see these young men and women. Celebrating virtually.
  • Would like to say in June, if we can hopefully meet, we’d go back over the last three months and catch up. But not making that promise. We’d spend entire summer making up for yesterday or last month. 

Devotional | Dr. Greg

  • Psalm 8. A favorite.
  • Reminded that we are to be worshippers. As we consider what God is doing, our responsibility is to worship. Give glory to God.
  • Remember Job. Sat in the ash heap and worshipped. challenge is to worship no matter what. A lot of no matter what out there right now. Make God priority.
  • The sport of the age is to be a complainer, a murmurer, a grumbler – that is the contemporary culture we find ourselves in. If you are a God fearer and worshipper on one hand, it’s really hard to be a cynic on the other hand. Hard for those two things to come together. If you are one who bemoans and coming and goings, it’s saying something about your worship that you probably wish you weren’t saying.
  • The people of God are people who are trusting, hoping, confident, clinging to God.

Closing Remarks

  • Dr. Greg is an expert in counties, county seats and in rivers. Dr Greg: “I am a nerd about rivers. I love a river.”
  • Dr. Greg: To aggravate Susan. We will be traveling and when we are approaching a river, we will crest a little hill. I know there’s a river down the road. My standard response is, “What do you think is at the bottom of this hill.” Code for there’s a river. Rivers run at the bottom of hills.
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  • We Love Our Family.

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Tim Peabody

Dr. Greg Belser, Pastor


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