Episode 42: Caves Caring Counsel

Difficult times can make one wonder if God still really cares. Whitney Caves encourages us with a reminder that God cares for us personally, and that it is good to acknowledge the difficulty while staying focused on Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Whitney Caves, Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Works at Crossroads Christian Counseling
  • Family doing pretty well. Daughter Lily is three years old. Lily loves to be around people and loves friends. Has a lot of extra social energy right now.
  • Will and I both working at home. Whitney sees clients three days a week. Lily hasn’t been to her school in nine weeks. Fortunate she can stay with Whitney’s best friend Susan Boyd and enjoy learning and taking walks. Will and Susan help greatly since can’t come in and out of counseling sessions.
  • We are an extroverted family. If anyone walks by, it feels like we all shout at them to talk. Lily loves to go through drive thru’s introducing herself and meeting others.
  • Connecting with church. Very grateful to be here. Love our Mascagni Life Group. Think the world of Randy and Vicki. Made a huge difference for us to see everyone, hear from them – feels like a lifeline every Sunday. Doing Marco Polo with the ladies and working through Proverbs and sharing prayer requests.

Church Update

  • Looking forward to getting back on campus soon. Possibly June 6. Will be way different. Many guidelines in place at the beginning. Dr. Greg sending out some guidelines today. Changes and adjustments will be made as needed based on government advisements. Moving in right direction. Want to meet but safely and responsibly.

Devotional | Whitney Caves

  • John 19:26 – 27
  • Originally read before Easter and early on during Covid. Spoke to me so much.
  • In a moment, on the cross, when His last earthly moments were filled with such pain, and in a moment that is so monumental to humanity, Jesus was still able to look at someone and see them personally. Very nature of God – to see and care for something that feels huge but at the same time see us individually.
  • Current situation is so different for all of us. Loss, pain, joy, goodness so different for everybody. God is able to take care of this whole big thing. Every single one of us matters to Him individually.


  • George Watts, father on hospice

Counseling Tips | Whitney Caves
These things are so personal. Don’t want to generalize too much, but my most simple tips are:

  • Don’t make your kids stare at the news. News is different than when we were growing up. Be informed and don’t keep kids in the dark, but there is no goodness in blasting the news into children’s ears and even our own.
  • Don’t try to pretend this away. It’s hard. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean there’s not goodness, growth, and space for joy. Acknowledge for ourselves and little ones the difficulty of this but weigh out with acknowledging the goodness of it.
  • God provided for His people in the wilderness day by day. Gift of learning to trust. Take this day by day. Wise to look to the future. Some things right now we cannot know so acknowledge difficulty, plan what we need, and focus on the goodness. Try to bring back in to focus that we have what we need to day from God.

Closing Remarks | Tim Peabody

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