Episode 43: Always Able Amber

We are looking forward to welcoming our church family back soon. Amber Cofer shares with us some of the plans being made to keep everyone safe and comfortable as well as remind us that God is here to do something greater!


Guest Spot Highlight | Amber Cofer, Adult Ministry Associate

  • Expecting a baby – Lawton Robert Cofer. 22 weeks along. Halfway there.
  • Family doing good. Worked from home for several weeks. Happy to be back. Missed human interaction. Not nervous about being back at work. Husband Stephen works for ATT&T as an essential employee.
  • Connecting with church via Life Group. Member of the Mascagni Life Group. Watching services online. Share along with our Life Group. Missing being in the church building and seeing everyone.
  • Tim: Hopefully it won’t be long until we are back in the church building. Amber has a big job managing and coordinating so many volunteers: Welcome Desk, Parking, Greeters, Next Steps, Pastor’s Reception.
  • Tim: How will it be different?
  • Amber: Most will be focused on keeping people safe. Emailing volunteers she serves with. (Not Life Group leaders or Children’s Ministry). Hearing back from people willing to return and serve. People won’t be placed in previous spaces immediately. We need greeters to make people feel welcome.
  • Tim: Challenging. Can’t touch. Can’t shake hands. Greeters wearing masks.
  • Amber. Asking all greeters to wear masks for the time being to keep guests and church members comfortable. Want to make sure everyone has a good experience. Safety of everyone coming into the church. Will keep distance. Masks help with being more personal.
  • Tim: Don’t wear a mast most of time except at Costco where required. But as a greeter, with people talking to me, I will. Would hate to talk and two days laters find out I had the virus and might have passed it. Don’t want to last forever.
  • Amber: A lot of greeting will start outside. Things may change on a weekly basis.
  • Tim: People who come are not required to wear masks. Volunteers will be asked too.
  • Amber: We will provide masks for people who wish to wear them. Hand sanitizer stations. Ushers will seat people.  Won’t be choosing your own seat immediately. Households sit together and away from other households. Working to contain as much as possible. Worship Center can only hold certain amount of people with social distancing.
  • We all need to have a lot of grace. Everyone might not get to sit where they want.
  • Tim: Some of this is just to make sure we don’t open up and then immediately get shut down because we didn’t follow government guidelines.
  • Tim: Three services most likely to have in the beginning are 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 5:00 PM. Services will be identical. Sermon and music the same for all three. Music will be more like what we’ve done online. Can’t social distance with choir.
  • Amber: Some doors will be shut. Unable to come in by choir suite. Main doors in Commons area open as well as office entrance. Next Step doors will be closed. Important to have the space for people to walk through and stay socially distanced. We also have to keep at a certain number so can’t have all doors open.
  • Tim: Restrooms?
  • Amber: Restrooms are emergency only.
  • Tim: If you need the restroom, it will be open but try to avoid using it. Challenge to keep them clean.
  • Amber: Asking for people to avoid if possible. People congregate in the restrooms. But we have a number of bathrooms for people. Just be safe and think of others.
  • Things won’t be perfect. Coming back is not about “me” but about others and their emotions and their situations, especially our high risk individuals.
  • Tim: We are going to do a walk through with our volunteers.

Devotional | Amber Cofer

  • Luke 1:40 – 45 Mary goes to visit Elizabeth. John leaps in Elizabeth’s stomach when Mary arrives.
  • Spoke to me that we have the Holy Spirit. Jesus all the time with us. At that time, Jesus was in physical form in Mary’s womb. As soon as she walked into the room and spoke, John leaped inside of Elizabeth.
  • God uses these little things. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. God confirms He is the Messiah and here to do something greater.


  • Dorothy Orr, in the passing of her mother.
  • Terry Burnham, father still  in hospital
  • George Watts’ Dad, hospice care
  • Randy Underwood Mother, hospice care
  • Karen Sullivan, former member, ICU over weekend. Neg. for Covid.
  • Lynn Bowling, Step-mother in hospital.

Closing Remarks

  • Tim: What’s it like being married to the son of a minister when you are the daughter of a minister?
  • Amber: Weird at first but good. Met in Poland. Amber was Journeyman. Stephen was HandsOn with IMB. Served in nearby cities. Met in mission setting. Both fathers pastors. Both moms work in school systems.
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  • #MHBCtogether
  • We Love Our Family.

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Amber Cofer


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