Episode 44: Cooley’s Creative Childcare

While the church may have been closed, our MH Preschool and Afterschool has stayed open in order to serve families in need of childcare. Mallory Cooley, Director, shares an update on all the happenings, and Tim encourages us to always walk closely with our one, true Friend.


Intro and Welcome | Tim Peabody

  • GOOD NEWS! June 7 is our date for resuming worship on campus at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Guest Spot Highlight | Mallory Cooley, MH Preschool and Afterschool Director

  • Family doing good. Three daughters. Precautions at home. More activities outside. My girls learned to fish. Also loving on her Cooley Crew (foster children). Has two girls and a boy. Like my own. No pictures for their privacy. 
  • Husband is a police officer working for Alcohol Beverage Control for state of MS. Getting busier.
  • Preschool and Afterschool has been quiet. Done best to keep facility open. Able to pay our employees thanks to Billy, Laura, and Sharon. Many employees able to spend time with family and get a paycheck thanks to the PPP bill. Blessed to be open and for employees to have family time. Thankful for the church to work things out for them.
  • Back in full force soon. 115 kids currently at the preschool. June 1st we are opening fully. Most everyone coming back. Understand many are still hesitant and that’s okay. Offering touchless options for coming in and checking in. Lots of GermX and Lysol. Still having fun.
  • Lots of bike days and water days to keep things as normal for the kids. No staff or families with the virus. Good to be open for our medical families who are serving the state. Excited to have people back. Laughter in the halls.
  • Still learning new things on what we need to do day by day and week by week.

Church Update

  • June 1. MH Preschool and Afterschool Fully Open
  • June 7. First on campus worship.
  • Podcast was daily. As things have picked up we’ve moved to three days a week. Next week, we will move to one day a week.
  • Things getting busier. Planning for re-opening. Recruiting volunteers.
  • Episode next week will walk people through coming to worship and what to expect.

Devotional | Tim Peabody

  • 1 Samuel 19
  • King Saul still reigning. Son Jonathan friends with David. King orders Jonathan to kill David. Jonathan warns David and gives instructions for escaping. Saul baffled by son, who is in line to be king, that he would give complete devotion to a threat to the throne.
  • Reminder that if we make our lives all about our own advance and wealth, we miss out on the very best in life. Jonathan knew being king didn’t matter as much as having a good friend.
  • David precursor to ultimate King – Jesus. Whenever our true heartfelt affection for Christ makes us take lightly our own wealth and advance in the world, or own carer and social status, it may look foolish to the world and that’s okay. We will life with a Friend.

Prayer Requests

  • George Watts Family
  • Wendy Sullivan, sister-in-law to Brenner Hobbs. House fire. Didn’t get out. Having surgery today.

Closing Remarks

  • Like. Comment. Share.
  • #MHBCtogether
  • We Love Our Family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Mallory Cooley


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