Episode 48: Merritt Ministers Musically

This past Sunday, we were so excited to celebrate being back on campus as a church family to worship together and to welcome our new worship associate, Merritt Blackwell. He shares with us today more about his life so you can get to know him better, and encourages us with a reminder to continue to run the race that Christ has set before us.


Guest Spot Highlight | Merritt Blackwell, Worship Associate

  • Excited to be here!
  • First week has been a little different. Covid has caused a different feel but still exciting with new people, new place, new faces, new purpose. Looking forward to continuing.
  • Everyone has been nice so far. Nobody giving me too hard a time yet. Excited too see who will give it to me.
  • Sunday will be singing “Great Things” and “Christ, Our Hope in Life and Death.”
  • Comes from Petal Harvey Baptist Church. Worked as the worship pastor for college and youth leading worship.
  • Attended William Carey. Majored in Bachelor of Music and Contemporary Worship Leadership. Wasn’t an easy program and was kept busy. Graduated in May. No walk. Diploma in the mail.
  • Grew up in Hattiesburg. Dad has been in ministry since before I was born. MMK – Music Minister’s Kid. One sister, Ashley Kate. Youngest and the best. Don’t tell sister. Couple of dogs. One with me in Clinton named Ollie, seven years old.
  • Family lives in Petal. Sister lives in Starkville – Hail State! Dad at a church in Ellisville serving as a worship pastor.
  • Learned a lot from my dad. Seeing him lead, being in lots of rehearsals for my childhood. Learned a lot about people, how to lead well, and how to interact with people. Guitar guy. Dad and Mom attended William Carey. Started on drums at age 12 playing for Dad.
  • Play drums, guitar, some keys, and trumpet.
  • Worship leaders must be able to sing, but more tech savvy than people realize. Blessed to have tech team here at MHBC.

Prayer Requests

  • Angela Adair, in hospital
  • Families who have suffered recent losses.

Church Updates

  • Worship has re-started. 229 people in 9:00 AM. 162 people in 11:00 service. 54 at 5:00 PM. All are spread out, but especially at 5:00 if you are debating coming and would like more space.
  • Expect that as things continue and God shields us from the virus, we expect more will come back.
  • Continuing to reach out on podcast, Facebook broadcasts, etc.
  • Appreciated the heart of our church on Sunday. Wasn’t stressful. Peaceful and sweet time. Good, warm attitudes. Very respectful.

Devotional | Merritt Blackwell

  • Colossians 3: 1 – 4
  • Encouragement to Christians as we seek to run the race Christ has called us to. During this uncertain time, we have questions and can look to this text to be reminded that God has done a work for us.
  • We can set our minds on things above. When doubts and the stress of life get us down, look to the promises of Christ and His work on the cross.
  • When Christ, who is our life, appears in glory, we will appear with Him as well.
  • Strive to love those around us. Christ is the perfector and author of our faith.
  • Hope in Christ alone.

Prayer | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

  • Morrison Heights Welcomes You, Merritt.
  • Like. Comment. Share.
  • #MHBCtogether
  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Merritt Blackwell, Music Associate


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