Episode 49: Missions Minded Ministry

MHBC has a passion for mission work and outreach, and our people are still serving others during the coronavirus outbreak. Scott Fortenberry shares an update on how we are ministering to people not only at Second Harvest but also through our 1:11 Project, and he also reminds us that we must bear one another’s burdens.


Intro and Welcome | Tim Peabody

  • Filming on location at our Missions Campus with Second Harvest

Guest Spot Highlight | Scott Fortenberry, Local Missions Coordinator

  • Tim: At Second Harvest, on a Monday afternoon, and things are hopping! Normally start at 6:00 PM but people already moving through at 4:00. How have things been different since coronavirus?
  • Scott: With coronavirus, we have changed time and delivery method. Food given outside. Registration outside. Doing all we can to protect people and ourselves while meeting needs.
  • Tim: I usually help in counseling room and it’s so hard not to be doing that right now. Favorite part.
  • Scott: Looking at ways we can adapt as we re-launch.  Working on a few ideas and hope to bring back that part too.
  • Tim: Groceries going out. Clothes?
  • Scott: No clothes going out. Working on meeting those needs and figuring out new ideas.
  • Tim: So more clients?
  • Scott: 16 – 20 new clients a day. Use to be 6 – 10 on a normal day. New clients growing and old clients still coming. Giving away a lot of food.
  • Tim: Are you able to keep up with the need for food?
  • Scott: Yes and No, Yes and No, Yes and No. It comes and it goes. Amazing the amount of food that comes through this place. Thank you! Y’all have responded very well! Neighborhoods have done food drives. Encouraging since school food drives unable to happen. God’s people have responded and responded well.
  • Tim: RA’s did a food drive! Congratulations to them!
  • Tim: Talk to us about 1:11 Project.
  • Scott: Radically different this year. Students usually travel worldwide. 9 students now serving in downtown Jackson and serving with Soul City. Working on preparing for a church planter to come in to the area.
  • Tim: Soul City is pastored by Scott Fortenberry. His wife Candiss serves with him.
  • Scott: Been at Soul City two years. Living here four and half years.
  • Tim: Next week, hoping to hear from 1:11 students. One more thing, I’ve heard Dr. John Perkins is working on a book and you are helping.
  • Scott: Yes. He asked me to do an insert and I’m writing about the impact and influence that Dr. Perkins has had on my life and the influence on how our church continued through coronavirus and the lessons he has taught has helped us continue ministry.
  • Tim: One of our previous guests was Terry Dent and he mentioned a devotional guide he had written. It is now available at the reception desk at the church. “Connection of Thoughts from 2003 – 2004.”

Church Update

  • Worship on campus going well. A few more people. Between three services, we’ve had just over 400 people.
  • Opened up our Family Room in the theater. If you’ve not heard about it, talk to Tim or Drew.
  • Broadcasting live at 9:00 AM if  you are unable to join us.
  • Good thing to be back together.

Devotional | Scott Fortenberry

  • Galatians 6:2
  • Bear one another’s burdens. Bear whether at Second Harvest or your neighborhood.
  • When you see someone carrying something and you step in, you are fulfilling the law of Christ.

Prayer | Scott Fortenberry

Closing Remarks | Tim Peabody

  • Remember Terry Burnham in the loss of his father.
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  • #MHBCtogether.
  • We Love Our Family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Scott Fortenberry, Local Missions Coordinator


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