Episode 50: Going, Giving, Glorifying

Sharing the Gospel takes places in so many different places whether here at home and around the world. This summer, we are excited to be sending out some of our college students to serve locally through our One:Eleven Project. They share with us what they have been doing, and remind us that we must value the Gospel above all else.


Intro and Welcome | Tim Peabody

  • Excited about guests. 1:11 Project. 6 week program to involve college students in local missions this summer.

Guest Spot Highlights | 1:11 Project College Students, Samantha Taylor, Jonathan Scott, Kandis Wahl

  • Samantha: MC student from Birmingham, Alabama studying English education.
  • Jonathan: From the small town of Magnolia outside of McComb, MS , MC. Finishing up degree in English lit. One class left. One week to go.
  • Kandis: MC student from Slidell, LA. Social work major.
  • Tim: What does 1:11 mean?
  • Jonathan: Comes from Malachi 1:11. Idea is to make God’s name great among nations. 1:11 committed to fulfilling that idea.
  • Tim: You arrived last Monday and moved into Midtown. What happened?
  • Samantha: Walked in. Dillon asks if heard couldn’t move in. Arrival date off a week. Floors were lacquered so had to wait. Got dried. Moved in by 11:30 PM. Late night for night one.
  • Tim: Has hospitality gone up from there?
  • Jonathan: Yes! Have finished cleaning up and everything is super nice.
  • Samantha: Yes! Very nice! Lots of plants.
  • Tim: How many students in group?
  • Samantha: Nine students. 6 weeks.
  • Tim: Y’all may get tired of each other.
  • Jonathan: A lot of us are friends already. Helps a lot. Made it a point up front to deal with conflict if it arises. Want to effectively work. Talk things out. Been good. Everyone at peace.
  • Tim: Y’all will remember forever. What type of work have you done so far?
  • Samantha: Getting to know area. Talking to people. Small services projects for people with needs at their home. Trying to meet those needs.
  • Jonathan: Delivered food. Main point of what we are doing is to get a good feeling of going into an unchurched neighborhood to learn about the people and the area in order to compile information to help church planters know how to serve them. In doing that, we meet and connect to form relationships. Looking into other ministries/organizations in area to partner with them.
  • Tim: Scott wanted to thank Morrison Heights for all the support and help. Thank you to Scott at Soul City for hosting.
  • Tim: Kandis, what has it been like for you so far?
  • Kandis: Super great. I wanted to add we also passed out milk and bleach. A lot of people don’t necessarily need food but cleaning supplies and things for kids. Interesting. Always told people need food so was interesting to learn.
  • Jonathan: Neighborhood leader introducing us and giving us the idea that food is good. But biggest concern is cleaning supplies, masks, sanitizer etc. Working on a way to do something good for the children in the community. Pout into the younger ones.
  • Jonathan: Tim Rowan informed us that this trip is like a ground tilling trip. Seed planting. You look for opportunities to share the Gospel. Biggest expectation needs to be to prepare for other people to follow up. People may feel discouraged that they aren’t accomplishing enough, but it’s good to be reminded that you are doing a whole lot of stuff, and the coming church planter will have so much information.
  • Tim: It all works together. Never know the long term affect. God is working through many different parts of His body. We are praying for you!

Prayer Requests

  • Marc and Sara Shelton, in the loss of their son and Hannah and Evie,  in the loss of their brother, Jordan Strength.
  • Buddy Calhoun, doing well after surgery.

Devotional | Jonathan Scott

  • Reading through Acts. Great if doing missions.
  • Acts 20: 17 – 24
  • Really good. Paul goes out and faces persecutions. Idea is that living on mission and sharing the Gospel is not easy.
  • Paul admits it is hard, but he’s not discouraged.
  • You value the gospel more than you value your life. Life centered on the Gospel.
  • When hardships come, your trust in God and in the Gospel has to be stronger than your fear of what might happen.
  • We’ve already experienced some difficulties, but we are like “So what” because the Gospel is more important. Paul’s life is marked by this.

Prayer Time | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

  • Glad to have some 1:11 representatives with us.
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  • #MHBCtogether
  • See you next week.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Samantha Taylor
Kandis Wahl
Jonathan Scott


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