Episode 51: Confidently Christ Connected

While church may look a little different these days, much of what makes our church family a family looks no different – encouraging and serving others. Dr. Greg shares today an update on life in the church, on our upcoming SRV’20 kick-off, and on remaining confident in Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Greg Belser

  • Susan and I are doing fabulous. Have avoided the virus so far. We like to keep it that way.
  • Susan and I were tested for COVID-19. Interesting experience. Went to Trustcare on Monday in Ridgeland. Signed in at 12:30 and got called back at 4:30. Sat in car four hours. Answered emails. Talked on phone. Tried not to get bored with nothing to do. Looked like half of Madison County was there. Went there for the rapid test. Good news as that was negative an hour later. Able to go to funeral in Alabama and stayed masked.
  • Don’t know about a mask mandate in Clinton. With Jackson and Hinds County suggesting masks are necessary, I’m sure it’s being discussed.
  • As a church, we had a meeting this morning, and we are looking into the probability of having a mask only service probably starting on Sunday, July 19. We know there are many who are very anxious about the virus and many who are not. The ones who are don’t feel safe, and we want them to feel safe and loved. Not judging anyone whether they do or don’t. Not our agenda. We have the facilities. Problem is the time in our existing schedule. Meeting to further discuss. Speaker will be without a mask since over six feet away. Challenge will be on musicians and pastor, but pastor says not an issue for him. A lot of technological moving parts that uses multiple people and multiple sets of equipment. Speculation for now but discussing. Current services not scheduled to change.
  • Tim: Childcare started for birth – 3 years this past Sunday. Running 10% of our normal preschoolers. To be expected right now. Available during morning worship.
  • SRV’20 starts this Sunday. No evening services.
  • Dr. Greg: SRV’20 is exciting. We will not meet at church to go out or congregate at church after projects. Many of the Life Groups providing their own supplies. Focusing on helping people in need. Tasks are outdoors and are for very real needs. Safe an environment as we possibly can.
  • Tim: People have asked has anyone on staff tested positive? Several have been tested and all have been negative. We are trying to take this seriously and be cautious and reasonable. Eager to open up as much as is safe and wise right now.
  • Dr. Greg: We don’t want anyone to feel challenged. Church suppose to be a safe place spiritually and emotionally. No one wants to come be offended or insulted. Not going to do that. Want to try and work with our new parameters. We believe church is safe. A lot of energy into hygiene, cleaning, and distancing. Many are comfortable and many are not.
  • Tim: If you are wondering what it’s like. As far as I can remember, in the 4 – 5 weeks, we have had church, I can only remember one person asking to give me a hug, and they asked. I talk to a lot of people, and people are not getting in my space. We also take Clorox wipes and we wipe down all the chairs.
  • Tim: Thank you to everyone for being patient, positive and optimistic. It’s just been encouraging. Hope you can provide that for everybody.


  • Buddy Calhoun, hopes to go home this week.
  • Carl May
  • Margret Woodruff, broke both ankles.
  • Brett Whitton, in the loss of his grandmother.

Devotional | Dr. Greg

  • Psalm 27
  • Always reflect on that last word – confident.
  • We tend to gravitate to those who show confidence. As a leader, I want to show confidence. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance or even confidence and foolishness.
  • David says he is confident, and he is clear that he is confident because the Lord is for him. Not self-confidence but God confidence.
  • Our hope is not in us. We know we are not that smart. Confident because God is wise and has promised to not only shepherd our lives with an invisible hand, but with righteous, godly people who will come alongside.
  • Comforted us by Psalm 27.

Closing Remarks

  • Tim: College football this fall? Dr. Greg: Friend worried about high school football. Greater challenge there. Not sure why I think that, but I do. Think both will happen but they cancelled the NBA and everything in spring so don’t know. If numbers and media narrative doesn’t change, I’m hopeful, but getting more and more pessimistic.
  • Tim: Great way to end!
  • Dr. Greg: Confident in God. Pessimistic in everything else!
  • Tim: Here every week to keep you encouraged.
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  • Bless You.
  • We love our family.

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Tim Peabody

Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor


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