Episode 52: Shea’s Servant Spirit

SRV2020 has kicked off, and lives in our community and in our church family are being changed. Shea Whitfield shares a touching story about how he and his group were able to minister to a family in need and make a lasting impact in their life.


Guest Spot Highlight | Shea Whitfield, SRV Volunteer

  • Covid has actually made my life easier. Probably one of the few people in world can say that. Kids out of school. Wife at home.
  • Susan has turned into the pioneer woman with cows and chickens. Boys building fences for the cattle. Susan actually riding a tractor and mowing hay as we speak and cooking everyday.
    • We have two milk cows and the rest are beef that we sell. Have a regular job too that deals with farming in the delta.

    • Due to Covid, our beef production has sold but we are just getting into the processors because they’ve been backed up and people buying whole cows instead of meat at grocery store due to panic buying. Set back for us. Exciting to have product wanted but disappointed we can’t get to people.

    • SRV Project in Jackson. Remodel of a house. Interesting project. Week ago, Tim P, Clint Andrews, and I went to see what was needed. Heartbroken when I stepped into house. Didn’t realize people in MS lived in the conditions the people were in.

    • Lady has special needs daughter. Struggling hard. No AC. No functioning bathroom. If didn’t step on the support beams, you fell through.

    • Didn’t hardly sleep that night bc I’ve never seen anything like that.

    • Hardy Pittman and I went back Saturday and tore out bathroom and on Sunday our group came in and put in floor, AC, and finished up bathroom so it functions.

    • Ms. Teresa gave a hug and said, “You’re the first group that didn’t just talk.”

    • Scott said there have been seven groups that looked at this project, turned it down, and never came back.

    • Ms. Teresa said so many have talked about doing and y’all actually did something. We were all in tears. So hot but didn’t care because we got something done. Family’s life changed.

    • SRV projects change the physical lives of people, but it changed our soul. If you can’t walk away from a SRV project changed and grateful to be involved, there is something wrong.

    • On our other project, a lady came out and called Scott over. Came back and told everyone they wouldn’t believe it. The lady gave them $400 to put towards the project!

    Devotional | Shea Whitfield

    • People ask why I participate in SRV. I’m not going to be the guy that talks to someone and changes their life through conversation. I wish it was, but it’s not.

    • The people we helped probably never felt loved in their life. Wanted to let them know we care, we won’t forget you. Got to love on them.

    • James 2:14 – 17. We do works because we have faith.

    • Many of these people are widows and orphans because they’ve been abandoned. The world has abandoned them. It’s our job through Christ to show love to them.

    Prayer | Shea Whitfield

    Closing Remarks

    • If not involved in SRV, we need to be. Many are needed and wanted. Blessing to you.
    • Two more weeks of SRV.
    • Next two podcasts will highlight SRV projects.
    • Tim Peabody. Video. Family awaiting Covid test results. Hope to be back soon.
    • We love our family.

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    Tim Peabody

    Shea Whitfield


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