Episode 53: Students Selflessly SRVing

The Student Ministry of Morrison Heights is getting ready to kick back off soon, but our students have not stopped doing. Chris gives an update on all things students, shares how our students are on mission with our SRV2020 projects, and reminds us that we are all ambassadors of Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Chris Cunningham, Minister to Students

  • Family doing well. Hardin is walking around like crazy. Thirteen months old and doesn’t stop. A lot of fun.

  • Stephanie doing well. We are living life.

  • Youth has had to cancel a lot of plans and a lot has changed. Going into summer knew things would look different. Didn’t want to miss the opportunity to serve. Goal in student ministry is to connect our students to mission. Tried to be intentional.

  • Reached out to Dr. Charles and Wendy to minister to our senior adults. Helping Tim Rowan and Srv20. Been able to go to ten senior adults and build relationships – Mrs. Fonce, Mrs. Reva, Mrs. Sue, Mrs. Ruth. Garage sale pickups, trimming, yard work.

  • Have also been able to go to Brighton and hangout and enjoy Sonic visits too. Due to order, have had to cease doing those.

  • Last Sunday, we served with Buried Treasure in Byram. Ministry that takes in women that have been incarcerated or struggle with addiction. Eighth month program of discipleship and teaching life skills. Cleaned up a fence line. Able to hear from the women.

  • August 9 will be full go for Student Ministry. Welcoming in new seventh graders. Life Groups and activities start. Looking forward to it and some sort of normal. Miss the students and hanging out with them.

  • God is still faithful even when things are stripped away as they have been this summer. We don’t need all the big events, but don’t need big events to see God work in our lives. It’s okay for things to be taken in a sense because God is still in control and on His throne.

  • First Sunday Back: Expect to social distance as best as possible. Respecting parent’s feelings. Encourage adults to wear masks. Won’t have pancakes as we start out. Will have big group teaching and small group. Students can wear mask but not required.

  • Hoping you will join us in August. Going to do our best to keep students safe. We want to invest in the lives of students. School starting back will help us help them get back in the swing of things.

  • Planning fall retreat and doing work behind the scenes. “We love you students and miss you.” Want them back as soon as parents feel comfortable. 

Church Update

  • Last week for the 1:11 project. Been serving for six weeks at Soul City Church.

  • Men’s Mentoring Program: Launching year 2 on August 16. Orientation that Sunday evening. Consider joining. Over 50 men last year. Contact Tim Peabody. This year, want to put men into a situation they would benefit from and desire. Marco Polo groups were a win last year. This year we are less busy and will still do Marco Polo but will also meet twice a month for “Back Porch Groups.” Want to safely put people together for fellowship. Men getting together with other guys.  Two year program. Year 1 will also be offered this fall.

  • Last week of Srv20 is this Sunday. Contact missions office if want to connect.

Prayer Requests

  • Some of our members have had the virus. Please do not come if you think you are sick.
  • Praise: Tim and family all tested negative.
  • Louie and Renee Walsh, in the loss of Louie’s mother.

Devotional | Chris Cunningham

  • Been reading Robbie Galley’s book “Recovered.” He overcame a severe drug addiction and is now a pastor. Going to Buried Treasure and hearing those stories.

  • 2 Cor. 5: 17 – 21.

  • How many people do we reject because of their past or their present? Do we say there is no hope? Too far gone?

  • But anyone in Christ is a new creation. Challenges us to look at people and realize there is hope. Need to be ambassadors for Christ. We don’t have ability to save them, but we do have the ability to love them.

  • Don’t write people off. May we love them. He saved us. He can save anybody.

Prayer | Chris Cunningham

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Chris!
  • We love our family.

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Chris Cunningham


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