Episode 54: Faithful Focus

Meeting together and encouraging one another is crucial in the life of a believer. Bill Jones shares an encouraging word today reminding us to spur each other on to holiness and to not forget that togetherness is important.


Guest Spot Highlight | Bill Jones Life Group Leader

  • Retired Jan. 1 and Covid interrupted retirement plans. Interesting first year of retirement.

  • Lord has been teaching me for awhile to live one day at a time, and it’s working.

  • Donna and I doing really well. Long list of home projects waiting on me when I retired so chipping away at those. Favorite project was re-building our terrace area. Back porch has become a safe meeting place for coffee. Dedicated to the Lord for His purposes.

  • Bill: Excited to be back on campus this Sunday. Will probably have 50% attendance. Will be in Student Assembly room so you can spread out.

  • Tim: Wear masks in building and moving around. Would love for people to wear while they are in class, but most will probably take off.

  • Bill: Grateful for Zoom to keep everyone connected that are not yet joining on campus.

  • Tim: Disruptions may occur so being flexible and ready to adjust. Zoom will allow us to change as needed even with short notice. Groups can also meet all online if they prefer.

  • Bill: Doing a Marco Polo group for our men and one for our women in our Life Group. Women more active. Great place for reminders.

  • Tim: Sign up for our New Testament workshop. Dr. Greg and Dr. Parke. Twenty-seven weeks starting August 23.

  • Bill: Thank you to Tim Rowan, Alicia and Scott that made Serv20 possible. High point of the summer for so many of us. Warm time temperature wise but people showed up to help others.  Blessing to serve Mrs. Doris.

  • Bill: Didn’t realize how much I missed the people in our Life Group until we got to serve together. Put focus back on togetherness. Easy to forget importance of connection. Great benefit personally.

  • Tim: All trying our best to balance the need to be together and the need to be safe and good neighbors.

  • Bill: Lots of creative ways have been developed. Enhanced ability to care for church family.

  • Tim: Kids Camp had to be cancelled due to governor’s new orders. Life Groups will be meeting with strict guidelines – masks, cleaning, sanitizing. So happy to be at some re-openings.

Prayer Requests

  • Richard Walters, dad in hospital.
  • Barbara Driver, in hospital as well as her husband.
  • Linda Parrot’s sister
  • Roberta Overstreet’s sister, Edie Jackson
  • Barbara Wolfe, upcoming surgery
  • Sympathy: Joe Rooks in the los of his mother; Miranda Schoggen in the loss of her grandmother; Clint Andrews in the passing of his father; Dr. Charles Scrivener in the passing of his aunt

Devotional | Bill Jones

  • Hebrews 10: 24 – 25

  • Long time favorite to help me stay focused on what is core about church and Christian fellowship.

  • Define Christian fellowship by these two verses.

  • Stir up one another.

  • We’ve been involuntarily not meeting as a church. Doesn’t give me an excuse not to connect. As we all know, we spent great energies considering how we can stir up one another to love and good works.

  • Core responsibility off church leadership but at the same time core responsibility of everyone who claims to be a Christian.

  • Every believer should stimulate other believers to holiness and faithfulness. Been challenged to do that.

  • Thankful for our church staff that have made all these accommodations.

Prayer | Bill Jones

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Mr. Bill.
  • Hope you are able to soon get back onto your retirement travel plans.
  • Thanks for joining us on the podcast.
  • Looking forward to seeing people on Sunday.
  • We love our family.

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